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Started by ReinhardM, July 08, 2022, 20:52:38

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I remember that in the past in navigation mode the street names where announced by voice (not sure whether I was using Locus classic back then,  though).
Now I do not succeed in making it work again. The street names are shown in the Itinerary. I use LoMaps and LoRouter offline or online, with language German.
Was the feature (announcement of street names by voice) removed? Or how can I make it work again?



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The street names are shown on the display, when using loRouter also. My problem is, that they are not spoken (for example: "turn into Hauptstraße"). As I got it working once before.
Would be useful for navigating without screen, voice only.

I am not sure, whether it is a bug that it does no longer work, or it was removed, or it only worked in classic, or  that I have a false memory that it once worked.



Were you perhaps using GraphHopper in the past? (Based on my memory)

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Hi, interesting, I do not remember this was ever possible :).

Anyway as I look at it, reading street names is doable. Hmm, is it really useful for hike&bike? For car navigation why not ...
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Henk van der Spek

For hike and bike you have at low speed enough time to see the name sign in the field for confirmation. For cars it is useless for me.  The first thing I kill in Google Maps.
Have you ever driven a car through a busy Italian city with your Navi reading out long street names in a language you do not understand? :)

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