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thanks for that.  So to are using that remote to control locus and one of the buttons to launch taker audio record with location?

Who you save your audio records with location you are not saving them within the locus app but in taster?

I guess you are saying try tasker again as a separate stand alone app just to record my voice and have location attached automatically?  Ok I will try again.

I do remember reading somewhere there is a tanker add on or plug in for locus but that is not part of this right?

I currently use one of these BT controllers to, zoom, center, scroll around screen and switch between north up and rotate to direction of travel.

Using this method to get it to work with locus

It seems to work ok.  Are you saying use something like this to 1 button begins tasked recording?

Do you have a tasker profile you could share that can do this or any YouTube links how to do it?

I ride with a few people through remote areas and I see things I'd like to know more about and want to look in to later but I can't stop, take off my gloves, set in a waypoint.  I know locus can add audio to a waypoint.

What would be the best is an audio command like "Hey Locus save audio waypoint" then it begins recording my voice for 20 seconds then saves and goes back to the normal screen.

I have asked on the locus forum and apparently the Tasker app might be able to do this but I could never get anywhere with it.

Recently I was surprised that all this can be done but it takes a bit more effort.

I created a contact on my phone "Tommy" and set it to the same number on the phone.

"Hey google share my location with Tommy" will autoinsert location in to a text, then "Send"

"Hey google send message to Tommy" will open a message field and I can dictate a message, then "Send"

"Hey Google open Locus map pro" brings you back in to locus.

So when I get home I open the texts and cut and paste the coordinates in to locus create a waypoint and enter the text based on the following message using the time stamps.

So this is a bit of work but in the course of a day there might be 5.

Does anyone know an app that can do this better or a google voice command that would create a voice to text message with location attached or even a voice audio message with location attached????????

Or even a way to launch video recording that will record my voice and it doesn't matter the image...but have a location in the video meta data?

...or a way to do this within locus???

Ps...I believe this will work offline...if not using email instead will.
Troubles & Questions / Re: bug out?
April 09, 2023, 18:50:17
There was an offending folder in themes with the name MAC_OSX which was from me compressing the new Adventure theme on my mac and no matter what program I tried, sold explorer etc. would not delete this folder....this is what was causing the apache xml blinking error.  I manually exported 2 tracks to gpx files that were after the last full backup then did a full restore and got it working again.
Troubles & Questions / bug out?
March 30, 2023, 18:12:59
have not used in a while.  I downloaded the new build of the adventure theme from

the file when downloaded was a folder and I thought it was supposed to be zipped so I zipped it on a Mac using 13.2 then copied the zipped file in to the themes folder.

Then started locus and it freaked and flashes in orange the attached message.  I then restarted locus no change, restarted phone multiple times no change, then removed and no change.  locust continues to flash this?

anybody know how to stop this?
Any chance we could get something like Siri...hey audio waypoint, the get 10 or 20 seconds to record then autosave.  I am riding a motorcycle offroad and there is no way I can click any button easily with gloves on so this would be best.

or a big button right on the screen that begins this...

some way to save waypoints with an audio file attached then when I get to hotel or home I can ideally cut and paste the voice to text transcript in to the poi.
I will try that. Thank you.
Troubles & Questions / Add picts or additional text
November 20, 2022, 17:48:21
I received 100 gpx files and some text and pictures that explain them.  I don't think it's possible but can I attach a picture or text file or embed additional text within a folder???...not the individual gpx files.  if not it would be a good feature to have a repository for attachments that is also backed up.
Troubles & Questions / Re: OS8 vs OS11
November 17, 2022, 21:24:35
Troubles & Questions / OS8 vs OS11
November 17, 2022, 16:24:53
Using locus for motorcycling I had a tough time seeing the screen in direct sun so I set out to get a brighter phone.  I could spend $800+ for an S22 or $100 for an LG G7 ThinQ which has an amazing 1000 nits IP LCD screen so I am trying that.  The first one had brain damage on android 9 and I had to send it back the 2nd one has a normal brain seemingly stuck on android 8.

Does locus function fine on 8?

If so, will locus continue to function fine on 8?...or will I need 11?

Troubles & Questions / Re: transfer WMS?
October 09, 2022, 17:16:09
I was wrong they did transfer...DELETE THIS PLEASE.  Sorry
Maps / USGS PADUS V3 with BLM layer
October 09, 2022, 17:10:53
Petr was kind enough to get this working as an online maps source earlier this year so the layer could be downloaded for offline.  Then recently it stopped working.

It took a bit of trial and error but apparently USGS changed some names of folders when they put up the newest PADUS v3.

Here is a WMS

If you want this layer in your online maps list (downloadable for offline) add the code in the attached xml to your list in the providers.xml file and add the png.

I think Locus should have this source in their base providers list at install.
Troubles & Questions / Re: BLM stopped working?
October 09, 2022, 03:09:06
HI Petr...

Isn't the updated/changed URL on this page for that code string that was added in to the "providers.xml? the layer can be downloaded like any map for offline?  I don't think wms can be downloaded.


There are 2 WMS links on here too under RELATED EXTERNAL SOURCES

Can these work??? downloaded???

or this

Troubles & Questions / transfer WMS?
October 07, 2022, 16:25:18
I had to move phones and managed to get everything over using a full back up and restore but it did not bring the WMS list.

1.  How do I copy that over?

2.  How do I edit names of folders and WMS links in the menu?