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sandisk wrote back, i might be able to get a new card from it. though it's old. it's worth a shot.

---Mike Savad
i'm determined to try to fix that thing, there must be a way. for now i have to keep from breathing the thing in.. incredible how small those things are.

---Mike Savad
i tried the phone first and it failed, so i went to the next level, the pc. and it didn't like that either.

---Mike Savad
normally i don't panic, and if i didn't have a thing coming up i would poke away until it's done. but i have to get other things ready, and all i wanted was the latest update and then like a house of cards it just fell at once. all the while i was fixing an air conditioner, and dropped a part to the bottom of it. bleah...

but it seems to be working now. still would like to get get that card to work, i can't imagine why there would be a mechanism that would prevent the card from being repaired. seems a bit silly to me. you'd think a format would work..

---Mike Savad
sorry for the intensity this morning,because well, i never saw this either. i finally narrowed it down, and you right it was the card, so if you want to add this to a faq...

it seems that when a exFAT card is corrupt, it will lock the card. and i mean lock it. i couldn't format this in the pc, i even did the long version. i don't know if it was corrupt from a while ago, or if it became more so, don't know.

in any case, what was happening was, any changes made were left in the memory so it looked like it was copying (this was up till last night when the final damaged occurred). and when i restarted the phone (not reset, two terms i guess), it cleared the memory but left the drive. everything on the drive is preserved on there. nothing seems to fix it. exfat format, ntfs format, in phone out of phone. i contacted sandisk to see if they have software.

i bought a new card and copied it all, and even the new maps seem to work, though its still showing me the old map - is there a way to clear any old map data out? have it rebuild the index?

oh and every time i pinch zoom, the screen starts to rotate again even when i have the rotate map off.

---Mike Savad
i don't know why your yelling at me i really have no idea what's going wrong here, or if it's just a coincidence that your program got involved.
but maybe you have other answers. what would cause a card to revert itself when you reset? i tried making a directory, reset and it was gone again, it may not be locus at all, but i don't  know what it is now. i'm looking over TSR's.

and are we saying that if i paid for the program you would be more open to helping?

though i got the terminology wrong i meant restart - not reset. i switched it with computer lino.

---Mike Savad
yes i did all those things. and they looked fine until i reset the device.

look, i'm not an idiot, i do know what i'm doing. every night i turn off the phone, so i would be doing this on the trip as well. i renamed all those things. and yes, it created everything. but no--


some place on that phone exists an entirely different directory that is holding this information. i don't know if it's some hidden directory on the phone i can't see, i would like it fixed though. the back up is so great, its replacing my last session and resetting the card to the way it was each time it loads up. even that directory you told me to put in - gone. it erased itself.

now i don't know if it's locus or something else doing that. but since i had the error in that program i have to isolate it to that. i have nothing in the phone that would make those changes that i know of. those are the maps. the locus maps are out of date by 2 years. i can't use those. and i can't use it online either.

i'm leaving very soon to this trip. i was depending on the software working and it isn't i really can't wait till tomorrow, i have other things i need to do.

---Mike Savad

---Mike Savad
nope, there must be another directory at work here restoring things. i reset the device, after what you asked me to do, i saved a new track, reset the phone, and the old track from the other day is back again - even though i restored a copy from a few months ago and changed the directory.

is there another one on the phone, is there a way to change that? i don't want to erase locus and install again, it took me a long time to tweak the settings to how i like them.

also the maps always worked in the past, but right now the old maps are ok, locus is in some kind of fanatical protection mode. i think the card is ok, i took it out and ran a check. but i don't know if there is other software i can try. i'm wondering if it's a directory corruption, but due to the os i have no way to check it. that i know of.

---Mike Savad
free version
i didn't do anything more than copy over the old map files with new files that may have had issues.
right now the directory is storage/extSdCard/Locus
ok it's renamed, i'm trying a new track, i'll reset the device totally to see if everything is back or not
resetting right now.

---Mike Savad
Locus Version? -> 2.20.2 i think
Android Version? -> 4.3
Custom ROM, yes no?  ->no.

i never erased the map files - the program did. 3 times. they were corrupt, and it seems to have erased them
tracks - i download them from the phone normally. when i get back into the phone, they are always still there. i erased them internally in the program by selecting them and erasing it.
reload, all files are back even the ones i erased in the pc.

i'm playing with making backups -- it's like the unit is in read only mode. it's not recording anything at all. while it looks like it was saved, when i do a reset, all of that is gone, as if i never made it at all, no backups, tracks or anything. is there some kind of protection mode? it only started with those bad maps - something about magic bytes.
the one in the local memory, where is that? i found it once, but then lost it again somewhere along the line.

---Mike Savad
everything was working fine the other day. i downloaded new maps from mapforge. they were all bad apparently. the system erased the maps - which was annoying but fine.

i went to erase my old tracks, like i do every day. they are gone. i erased them from the card - totally gone. i made a new track folder.

reset the device, load up locus, and the tracks are back, everything loaded from a previous state, and any tracks i made before the reset are totally gone.

i tried erasing the cache, any auto backups, anything where i thought that previous state was stored. i haven't found where it's stored. why won't this remember the tracks like before?

any ideas? i wrote to tech support, but i know they take a while to respond and i don't have that much time left.


---Mike Savad