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Troubles & Questions / i can't get rid of tracks -- need help!
« on: May 28, 2014, 14:53:54 »
everything was working fine the other day. i downloaded new maps from mapforge. they were all bad apparently. the system erased the maps - which was annoying but fine.

i went to erase my old tracks, like i do every day. they are gone. i erased them from the card - totally gone. i made a new track folder.

reset the device, load up locus, and the tracks are back, everything loaded from a previous state, and any tracks i made before the reset are totally gone.

i tried erasing the cache, any auto backups, anything where i thought that previous state was stored. i haven't found where it's stored. why won't this remember the tracks like before?

any ideas? i wrote to tech support, but i know they take a while to respond and i don't have that much time left.


---Mike Savad

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