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Wishlist / Permanent Overlays linked to maps
May 07, 2015, 19:04:58
Hi menion,

it would like to suggest that it should be possible to link an overlay to map. For example I use overlays with SRTM data. I have the SRTM "map" for each vector map. It would be nice to create a permanent link between them that I do not need to select the other overlay if I change maps.

Maps / Proper way/setup to create valid vector maps
January 23, 2014, 14:29:41
Hi there,

I use Locus since nearly the foundation of the app. I also use vector maps for a long time in Locus. I also started to create my own maps from geofabrik downloads long ago. I had a proper working setup with Osmosis and the mapsforge plugin to create those maps. Before I convert the maps I merge SRTM data created by PHYGHTMAP with the poly from geofabrik as a PBF file to the downloaded file. Then I normally convert to the map format with the mapsforge plugin which worked fine all the time. I encountered an HDD crash a couple month ago and the whole osmosis setup was lost. I do not get it back to work. The mapfile writer seems to stop working after showing the message "Completing read". According to htop both CPU cores are twiddling thumbs but some HDD work seems to be done (LED is on). I let it run for more than four hours but nothing happened. I use the following commands:

phyghtmap --pbf --jobs=16 --source=view3,srtm3 --no-zero-contour --line-cat=200,100 --step=10 --max-nodes-per-tile=0 --max-nodes-per-way=500 --polygon=data/[NAME].poly --output-prefix=data/[NAME]

./osmosis --rb file=data/[NAME].map.osm.pbf --rb file=data/[NAME].srtm.osm.pbf --merge --wb file=data/[NAME].osm.pbf omitmetadata=true

./osmosis --rb file=data/[NAME].osm.pbf --mapfile-writer file=data/[NAME].map type=hd tag-conf-file=data/tags.xml zoom-interval-conf=10,9,11,14,12,21 map-start-zoom=10

I tried different versions of Osmosis (including a SNAPSHOT compiled from source) but it is always the same result. I attache my tag-mapping.xml if anybody thinks the bug could be in it.

My current installation:
Osmosis 0.40
mapsforge 0.3.0

I downloaded a render theme for vector maps from Locus Shop (Classic Map). After reloading the map, restarting programm Locus still uses osmarender for rendering (even after erasing the cache it still uses osmarender). Classic Map is still selected in settings. I assume that this is a bug.

Troubles & Questions / No GPS Fix
June 25, 2011, 20:48:51

I just tried Locus Free on my HTC Desire HD with Cyanogen Mod. The problem is that Locus won't get a GPS Fix. It shows 5 satelites but no fix (I tried up to 2 hours). Other Apps like GPS Status have a GPS fix fast and realiable. Does somebody know what I'm doing wrong?