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Navigation & Guidance / Route planning
« on: July 29, 2020, 13:26:54 »
Often when the route includes an unpaved, yet public road I cannot continue creating the route unless I switch to a walking profile or draw manually.
The roads I'm experiencing trouble with are not private, not gated, not off road trails. They are always open public roads that just don't have asphalt on them. The odd thing is there can be two similar roads in the same area, both appear the same on the map yet one will allow the route to continue and one will not.
I've tried every different Brouter routing profile combination I could.
Is this a Brouter issue or Locus issue ?
I've tried mountain bike profile but then if there is a bike path through the woods it takes that as the shortest route.
My primary use for Locus is Adventure motorcycle riding. That type of riding includes finding as many unpaved roads as possible and planning a journey, whether it be around your area of around the world.
Locus is the most popular app among riders. I know Locus is highly used for bicycling and hiking but anything that could be added to help motorcyclist would be greatly appreciated.


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Maps / LoMap updates
« on: December 03, 2018, 00:28:54 »
I'm using Locus Pro and I noticed each time there is a map update I have to pay again for the map. I thought you only pay once.
Was I mistaken?


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