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Hi all - Hi Menion.


Been using Locus for exactly a year now...

The last few releases have been crashing on me and its getting to the point that Locus (my fave ever app for anything) is now not useable as a tool.   :(

Did a 7.5 miles hike yesterday and half way through I checked my screen to see that Locus had crashed and I missed logging half a mile.

The same thing happened 2 days previous... and the week before that it crashed/force closed twice meaning my logged gps route was a complete mess and nowhere near the actual distance we had walked.

I've got an HTC Wildifire S running Adroid 2.3.5.  Locus runs from the phone and not the SD card and I have 15mb spare on the phone so all should be ok there.  As for RAM - the phone has around 400mb RAM and no matter what I am running I am only ever using half that and so that shouldnt be a problem either.

Cant find any conflicts with other apps and I dont use anything else that uses GPS.

Am getting really disheartened as my hikes and walks are tough and I cant rely on Locus anymore to log them.  

A few weeks ago I did press the send report option when it force closed but dont know what else to do now and hope somebody please has some ideas as I think Locus is amazing and cant figure out why it suddenly decides to force close sometimes.

Running Locus Pro 1.16.3

I hope someone can help.
Thanks so much in advance.  :oops:
Hello all and hello menion.

Just 2 things I have had trouble with today for the first time...

1) I have a perfectly organised voice navigation set I have used for ages now but all of a sudden Locus keeps defaulting back to the default female voice - even when I pick the new voice during navigation.  Any ideas?

2) It seems the distance to target and distance to next turning readouts are the wrong way around on the main screen?  I had it set to distance to target but it kept showing a compeltely wrong distance which I presume was the next instruction - but when I changed it to distance to next turning it seemed to show the overall distance to my target destination.

2 strange ones...

Anyone and ideas?

Cheers all and keep up the AMAZING work menion - it is appreciated,
Hi all.

I have the vector download addon for Locus but there is a hiking and biking map on OSM which shows countryside paths and routes etc.

It can be seen on this site....

Does anyone know of a way I can download the 'hike and bike map' for Great Britain/England please as I prefer it over the one that Locus downloads with the vector plugin.

MANY thanks.
Troubles & Questions / compass screen?
January 08, 2012, 23:28:08
Hi all,

Sorry for the stupid question but I cant find the compass screen.

Is there a compass screen in addition to the one that shows the GPS satellites please?

I was kinda hoping to put a geocache as a POI and use a compass screen to show me the direction instead of using the map.

Is this possible?

Cheers all.
Hiya all/Menion.

Found something very frustrating today and wondered if it was a bug or I am doing something wrong...

Put an address in and got my navigation track via MapQuest - all was great... but it seems I cant save that that track anymore to use another time.

Previously I have changed the name of the standard 'navigation' file that is written from 'navigation' or 'temporary' to my chose file name and it has stayed there in the 'tracks' section for me to use another time with voice navigation without it having to contact the navigation servers....

but now....

I change the name via edit to keep the track but as soon as I ask it to calculate another destination it writes a brand new 'navigation' track but gets rid of the last one I saved despite me changing the name.

Does anyone know if this is a bug - or if not - how I save a voice navigation track for later use.

Other features / Favourite POIs?
October 04, 2011, 10:09:57
Howdy all.

I see that when using the navigation setting it will only allow you to pick a destination POI that is in your favourites.

My slightly silly question is:- whats the best way to get your favourites actually into your favourties.

The only method I have found is to go into each POI catagory and then the individual POI and copy it to the favourites catagory.

Is this the only method?

Cheers all.  :D
Declined / Change Brightness Icon
July 22, 2011, 18:21:19
I know I should just change the brightness on my homescreen widget before I start Locus Pro, but I often forget.  I start up Locus Pro and get ready for a journey, go outside then cant see my screen and so have to come out of Locus and hit my brightness widget then go back into Locus.

Would be very very handy to have a singular button (maybe next to the satellite icon on the top panel) that when hit once changes your screen to 50% brightness.  Hit again for 75%, and again for 100%.

I think it would just make things so much easier, afterall, when driving - the sky and weather conditions can change and it is much easier to reach forward and hit 1 icon whilst stopped at traffic lights instead of messing around going to homescreen widgets and then getting back into Locus Pro.

Just a thought.

Cheers all :-)
2 things....

Firstly. Menion is a genius....

Secondly, is there any way at all to change the order of the icons in the right panel.  My 'quick switch' icon needs to be scrolled to when my android is in landscape mode - but ideally I would prefer it at the top of the right panel pane.

Cheers everyone. :-)
Hi all.

Yeah, sorry to ask such a dumb question but I really cant find the answer.

I recent android update of this AWESOME app overwrote a few setting and I am desperate to find out how I lock the blue direction pointer to the 'up' position when navigating.

I remember having it set so in portrait it pointed upwards and the map rotated and in landscape up pointed upwards too and the map rotated but for some reason I could set it today.  I pressed the rotate map icon but for some reason the map was rotating but so was the blue direction arrow and I wanted it locked.

Cheers for any help folks.

regards and best wishes.  :-)
Hi all.

Was downloading maps to use in offline mode but then realised it is best to download some sections to the online database so that my phone will use the downloaded tiles and will only download new ones as and when I move into an area that has not been downloaded before.

But my question is this...

I read on here somewhere that the offline databases etc etc should be less than 2gb...

so what happens when the online database hits 2gb?  For example in the mapsOnline folder, my certain map type is 996mb already... what will happen when that hits 2gb?  or even 1gb?
Implemented / Please move the 'info' button...
June 07, 2011, 18:56:06
Please please move the info button away from the stop button.

It is very easy to walk a route and record it and then press info to see how far you have gone but to accidently hit the stop recording button next to it by mistake.

Maybe swap its place with the 'place button' but please move it.  :D

(my opinions for menion)
bought your app and love it on android.  Been using the awesome trekbuddy for years but this Locus now knocks the socks completely off it and is the best app EVER on android.
loving Locus and the 'smurf' skin works very well indeed for me.
good work Sir!!!!  ;)