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Sorry for the delay in replying Menion.

Just a quick note to say that I did a 2 hour track recorded walk a few days ago and was extremely pleased and happy to find that Locus did not crash at all.

Will advise further when I have done another walk/hike.

Thanks again for the great new version.
Thanks so much Menion.
Just installed the new version :-)

Picked up a knee injury yesterday so might be a few days before I can hike again but will post onto this thread either way when I next record a track.

Thanks again for all your help and I am looking forward to using Locus again.
Was hiking today and Locus crashed... it restarted fine and resumed the track like it always does - except this time the whole of the hiked route was zero.  Nothing was there at all. :-(  :-(  :-(
cheers berkley (great avatar)

Thanks so much menion - I presume you saw something in the last catlog I sent that has identified a problem?

Looking forward to the new androidmarket version - cant wait. lol   :-)
Hi Menion.

Was going to test Locus without using the custom screen tomorrow and see if it crashed.
Loaded up a route into my phone and started to download a few tiles to cache the area for tomorrow... crash.

Never even went into the custom screen so it seems to be something more serious and not the custom screen to blame :-(

Phone has been 100% fine all day and its only Locus that has crashed/forced closed.

I have no idea why this is happening and cant pin it down to anything.

I have just sent you the CatLog file for this current crash menion in the hope you can find something.

I really hope this can be fixed and I thank you again for all your great help.
(file Locus Crash 220212.txt emailed)
Thanks Menion :-)

Yeah, I have the custom screen logging the route most of the time - but its not my custom screen its the 'smurf' one that comes with Locus.
I have used it ever since it was included in Locus.

Anyway, I will just use the regular screen for my next journey out and see if that is more stable.

Will keep in this thread and advise in the next few days.

Cheers so much.
Just sent you an email Menion.
Thanks and best regards.
Many thanks menion

I have now install catlog and will be out walking tomorrow.  If it happens again I will follow the instructions you kindly supplied and will email a report and details over to you.

Cheers. :-)
Hi all - Hi Menion.


Been using Locus for exactly a year now...

The last few releases have been crashing on me and its getting to the point that Locus (my fave ever app for anything) is now not useable as a tool.   :(

Did a 7.5 miles hike yesterday and half way through I checked my screen to see that Locus had crashed and I missed logging half a mile.

The same thing happened 2 days previous... and the week before that it crashed/force closed twice meaning my logged gps route was a complete mess and nowhere near the actual distance we had walked.

I've got an HTC Wildifire S running Adroid 2.3.5.  Locus runs from the phone and not the SD card and I have 15mb spare on the phone so all should be ok there.  As for RAM - the phone has around 400mb RAM and no matter what I am running I am only ever using half that and so that shouldnt be a problem either.

Cant find any conflicts with other apps and I dont use anything else that uses GPS.

Am getting really disheartened as my hikes and walks are tough and I cant rely on Locus anymore to log them.  

A few weeks ago I did press the send report option when it force closed but dont know what else to do now and hope somebody please has some ideas as I think Locus is amazing and cant figure out why it suddenly decides to force close sometimes.

Running Locus Pro 1.16.3

I hope someone can help.
Thanks so much in advance.  :oops:
Hello all and hello menion.

Just 2 things I have had trouble with today for the first time...

1) I have a perfectly organised voice navigation set I have used for ages now but all of a sudden Locus keeps defaulting back to the default female voice - even when I pick the new voice during navigation.  Any ideas?

2) It seems the distance to target and distance to next turning readouts are the wrong way around on the main screen?  I had it set to distance to target but it kept showing a compeltely wrong distance which I presume was the next instruction - but when I changed it to distance to next turning it seemed to show the overall distance to my target destination.

2 strange ones...

Anyone and ideas?

Cheers all and keep up the AMAZING work menion - it is appreciated,
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
January 16, 2012, 20:48:02
Thanks stebu, Khaytsus.

Many thanks Arcao.

I agree that the addon is a million times better than the offical groundspeak one which is really quite poor and so I have been using the addon with great sucess.  forgive my caution, it is nothing personal - I am just a cautious person and am usually very particular about passwords etc etc only being used in the software that officially requests them.

Anyway, all that aside, I appreciate the comments and am extremely pleased with the addon so I give my thanks to Arcao.

Cheers.  :-)
Yeah, I never know where I will be hiking.  I have a 350mb Vector map of the whole of England and although the bike&hike does not seem to be a vector I would still like it for England.

I will take a look at MobAC1.8 - many thanks for that.

As for the version number - 1.15.5 seems to be the most recent Pro in the Android Market for me.

You have been a great help and I appreciate it greatly.

Many thanks.
excellent - thanks gynta....

I have Locus Pro and its the up to date version. 1.15.5

I feel daft now - I didnt realise I had to tick box it in the settings - cheers  :D

So, I can zoom out and select an area to download that is 10 tiles big per day.  I do that over the space of a week and I should be able to store that map for offline use?  Am I right?
I only have the openhiking map in Locus and have no idea how to get that bike&hike map into Locus.
All I know is that the bike&hike map is a URL on my PC - It does not show in Locus and I have no idea how to get it to show like you have,
Thanks for all your help but I am stuck now.  lol
many many thanks gynta.  How did you get the hike&bike map into Locus?