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Free chat / I recognize that trail
May 12, 2023, 20:48:32
I was browsing the Locus website, and thought the picture at the top of looked familiar:

Yes!  It's a cache-studded trail in Hong Kong.  It was a great day, roughly a dozen caches, starting beside the dam down below, and finishing at the summit of one of Hong Kong's higher peaks.

Matching pictures:


I've uploaded a handful of photos to POIs using the new feature, not sure of the exact term, and they were accepted.  They show up when I tap a POI icon, as expected.

But when I turn on the "Geotagged photos" layer (and turn off the POI layers), I'd expect to see an indicator of where there are photos such as mine.

Without resorting to the Help, I have a sense "Geotagged photos" refers to something else, an older capability somewhere in Locus that I don't use.  But...  those photos I uploaded are technically geotagged ... no?

I think those photos need to be more discoverable ... somehow.
Tools / A 4x4 profile for LoRouter / BRouter
April 13, 2021, 20:01:47
I understand more profiles are on the way for the new LoRouter in LM4, but in the meantime...

I've found the existing car profiles to be extremely reluctant to route down an unpaved road, instead making ridiculously long detours to stay on pavement.  Internally, it appears to assign a speed of 1 or 2 km/h to unpaved roads, which is slower than walking.  To me, this seems like a bug.  Here in Canada, we have many unpaved roads where 80km/h is a comfortable speed; some are secondary highways.

Also, the existing profiles won't route on highway=track.  But sometimes a destination is at the end of a track, thus you can't route to it, unless you switch to an MTB profile.

Here, attached, is a tweaked version of an existing car profile that I've tweaked to fix both these issues.  I make no claims about its quality, as I've only managed to understand it well enough to make a few changes, and they seem to work for me.  If it works for you, all the better.  :)

Drop it in your Locus/router/profiles2 folder, then select it from the Routing Profile drop-down.
I find Beta troublesome because it seems to mess up G4L in Pro - when I just want to USE the app combo to plan a trip.

Right now, when I enable Live Map in G4L with Pro, it keeps re-downloading caches endlessly, even though I haven't moved the map.  This is with Beta uninstalled.  Eventually Groundspeak's servers will say enough, it won't work for the rest of the day.

How can I un-mess-this-up?

I've already uninstalled and reinstalled G4L.  Beta is UNinstalled.

Please don't ask me to uninstall Pro.  I've got a ton of customizations I'd hate to lose.

Thanks in advance.

(Earlier, I had the opposite problem: G4L downloaded caches, but Pro didn't display them.  In the process of trying to fix that - by reinstalling Beta temporarily - I made it worse, as described above.)

In the course of tinkering with my own derivative of the excellent Voluntary UK theme, I've come across something of an "edge case" in the way Locus renders vector tiles.  Where I live (western Alberta, Canada), at medium zoom levels (10-11 typically), there are vector tiles where the rules produce nothing at all.  Simply blank space.

Unfortunately, that means Locus won't draw *anything* there, most noticeably, there'll be a big square hole where terrain shading would normally be.  Or a square hole containing a view into the previous theme that was recently shown, since nothing was painted over it, oops.

For unknown reasons, this happens only with OpenAndroMaps (I tested two generations), not Locus nor MapsForge maps.

It's noticeable in Voluntary UK if you select City and visit an "empty quarter" of the map.  That's because the City sub-theme doesn't draw contours at zooms below 11.  Perfectly valid logic.  (My version didn't draw contours below 11 for any sub-theme as an attempt at optimization, which is how I noticed it.)  In those empty spaces on the map, a few contour lines are all it takes to mark the tiles as dirty and cause them to draw properly.

(Actually, in OAM those empty tiles aren't perfectly empty; they have a background colour, whereas Locus and MapsForge maps appear to just use white in spite of my attempts to produce a colour.  But for the purpose of this report, that background colour still counts as empty, meaning, no dirty, no paint.)

It's hardly worth a bug report (if it even counts as a bug), but I thought people - such as theme authors - might like to know.  And if anybody knows of a cleaner way to mark a tile as dirty from within a theme without actually drawing something, I'd be happy to hear about it.

Thanks for listening,