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Here's a recreation of the route with the conflicting instructions:

We continued driving west on 16A, missing left turns.  The router kept recalculating to take the next left (as displayed) but kept saying "Continue straight".  It did not say, "Continue straight, then after 10 metres, turn left", though I have it configured to do so, and it does when applicable.  Cheers.
Since routing is being discussed...  I've got 4.22.2.  Yesterday while navigating a driving route, LoRouter repeatedly displayed on-screen a left turn, while speaking "Continue straight."  This happened roughly four times as the driver decided a better route was to continue straight.  (I had to explain, "This is weird, ignore the voice, turn left".)  It recalculated after missing the turn, next intersection, same thing: left turn shown on screen, spoken "Continue straight."

It occurred to me that maybe the router changed its mind, decided on a better route (as did the driver) which involved continuing straight, but the display was displaying an older route.  Seems unlikely.

I'm not sure how to debug this.  Please ignore if you think it'll just go away.


So updating a cache via tapping near the top, vs tapping a similar menu item at the bottom, go through different code paths?!?  I've always tapped at the bottom, and that stopped working.  (Just tried the tap-near-top path, yep, it works.)  I've solved the confusion for myself by uninstalling G4L, so long...
There's some discussion here about GC not returning error 500 when it should, and silently falling back to OAuth 1, something like that.  Might be related.

I've had trouble the last few days too.  Work-around-able.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.21.+ ( 1/2024 )
February 23, 2024, 18:14:44
Interesting scrolling in the "My lists and PQ" screen under Geocaching Tools, with 4.21.1.  Both the two headings (Bookmarks, Pocket Queries) follow the finger smoothly, but all the remaining content scrolls in a rather disconnected - discontinuous - manner.  Odd.

I have 14 bookmarks and 7 active PQs, and this happens on both my phone and big tablet.

Not really a problem, just ... amusing.  :)
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.20.+ ( 11/2023 )
December 17, 2023, 16:02:37

I like the new routing profiles layout.  But I noticed, for cycling there's still no default profile that provides a safe route across a city, eg using residential streets and bike paths instead of major roads.  Distance doesn't matter; survival does!  Years ago I found "safety.brf" somewhere, possibly I tweaked it, and just now manually added it back to the options in Locus.  Yes, this is perfect.  Could it not be added to the default collection?  (EDIT: on some experimentation, it seems "Touring" produces reasonably safe routes.  Is this evolved from "Safety"?  It wasn't obvious to me; I don't think of my cycling as "touring", so it was the last profile I tried.)

Good-natured rant here; scroll to "cycling":


On the Copyright popup for LoRouter Offline, there are two buttons: No and Close.  No?


On my devices I see the startup animation sometimes, sometimes not.  It's finished before my eyes get there.  I think it would look better a bit slowed down, and if the startup happened concurrently, it shouldn't cause any delay.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Tracks not showing
August 17, 2023, 23:54:05
This is a coincidence.  In the last 48 hours I discovered:
1) I really like the fzk-outdoor-soft-v5 theme, because it shows useful roads at low zooms in remote areas.
2) It doesn't show highway=track, meaning I can't use it; I need to see tracks.  Actually, none of the themes in the family seem to show them.

So I edited my copy of the .xml, and pasted in a block of XML from the Outdoor theme, XML that deals with tracks.  Now it shows tracks, and I'm happy.  I was thinking I should mention it; a bug?

I'm using OAM V5, but as I recall, the tracks were also missing using the latest LoMaps.  I had turned on all the theme options.

EDIT: I spoke too soon.  My hack-fix didn't catch all types of highway=track; some are still invisible.  Back to the text-editor...
(Sorry if I've taken this off-topic, but since you mentioned the start-up work...)

I forgot to mention, it seems to only take a very long time after starting up the tablet for the first time; I keep the old thing powered down except when prepping for a camping trip.  So, charge and power up the old tablet, then start Locus 4, and it takes 10 minutes, maybe closer to 5; I haven't timed it.  I can tap "Wait" a few times, or just let it sleep and I come back when it's ready.

The progress shows it's slowly loading the 10,000's of points I have, one group, slowly the next...

I'm about to give up on this old tablet for other reasons, so it doesn't really matter to me.  But I will give it a try after a while, just out of curiosity, and report back if I don't forget.

EDIT: Yesterday I powered it up (after charging from dead), and just now I loaded LM4.  After seeing the 4.18.1 upgrade message, I pressed Next, "not responding", Wait, and... it started fully within seconds!  So the problem is either gone with your upgrade, OR it was a case of Android being extremely slow in the first few minutes of its life, while I was also waiting for Locus to start.  In this case, those two things happened a day apart.

In other words, you can probably ignore this bug report.  Cheers.
Quote from: Menion on August 02, 2023, 07:59:40I'm currently working on a new system for initialization of the app so I believe, this issue will be solved as well.

Good to hear.  Init is currently quick on my daily-use devices, but when I pull out the old Nexus 7 (2013) and fire up Locus 4 (I take it camping, sync first), it takes around 10 minutes to start, not including sync.  A bit odd; I don't think the old tablet is *that* slow.  After I'm back from my trip, if there's a beta with the new init code, I'll try it out on that device.  Cheers.
Adapting to using LoMaps V4 (migrating from OAM, alas) is going well, but with a couple of glitches.  Lake names are missing with some themes, admittedly older themes, but beautiful ones.  (And I'll miss OAM's placement of the name for multiple lakes or similar things, grouped in a relation, once in the centroid of such areas, rather than once on each lake.  Hint, hint.)

But the main reason for this post is to mention a funny difference between landuse=forest and natural=wood, at ZL=9 only, with LoMaps V4 and the internal hike-and-bike theme.  At ZL9, it renders wood but not forest, which makes it the only map I've ever seen that makes a distinction.  Many mappers and most renderers consider them equivalent, as it's something of a gray area.  So Alberta is a bit of a mess at ZL9, between old imports (wood) and my additions (forest).  First world problem.  :)
Thanks for mentioning the Tapiola theme; I wouldn't have noticed it.  First impressions are good.

I tried out the new V4 LoMaps too.  One thing that bugs me is: none of the OAM (V4/V5) themes in my collection, including this new one, show lake names.  It seems only Locus internal themes show lake names with LoMaps V4.

I may have to switch to LoMaps (depending on the fate of OAM), and would be stuck with a greatly reduced choice of themes if I want to see lake names ... which I consider essential.  Is it practical to fix this?

PS, I like how OAM handles lake (or similar object) names.  If multiple lakes share a common name in a relation (name=Pretty Lakes, example), it draws the name once at the centroid of the relation.  This is tidier than drawing the name on each of the (sometimes many) lakes, IMHO.
Free chat / I recognize that trail
May 12, 2023, 20:48:32
I was browsing the Locus website, and thought the picture at the top of looked familiar:

Yes!  It's a cache-studded trail in Hong Kong.  It was a great day, roughly a dozen caches, starting beside the dam down below, and finishing at the summit of one of Hong Kong's higher peaks.

Matching pictures:

In the current non-beta LM4, I can't find any themes in the store.  (I answered a question in another thread related to themes, so I was curious.)  I spent some time in the store totally lost, then found the "+" icon at the bottom of the theme switcher, which brought me to an empty page on the store.

This doesn't bother me personally, as I already have a nice collection of themes, which I scrounged from various places.  But it brings up a suggestion:

Once things settle down with the V3-V4 transition, there's a real need for a central place to find themes.  Not just supported themes, but even obsolete ones that still kind-of work; I sometimes still use Waymark because it just looks good.  I often use Outdoor/Desert*, same reason, but who can find those themes?  Even Voluntary, which jumped the hurdle to make it into the store, is no longer there ... or at least I can't find it.

(* To be clear, these are not obsolete, and fully deserve to be in the store.)
That happens with certain themes.  When I see that, I try another.

Have you tried the Elevate theme that comes with OAM?  It's well matched to the underlying map.

EDIT: on quick investigation, I'm guessing you're using one of the Locus internal themes with OAM.  The internal themes match well with LoMaps, but not so well (IMHO) with OAM.

Elevate, or any of the other V4/V5 themes (a bit hard to find), should look much better.
Quote from: balloni55 on May 07, 2023, 19:32:19turn off GPS, so cursor position is used

I hope this is just a workaround, not by design.

When I'm standing in one place but the cursor is at another, my attention is at the other place, and I'd like the search / weather forecast / whatever to be at that location.  Just my opinion.
Quote from: Menion on April 19, 2023, 13:53:04@Viajero Perdido
did you tried to press the device's "Back" button again? Maybe there is an "invisible screen" that needs to be dismissed again. Anyway more and more reasons to get rid of G4L. Just one cache by gc-code and live-map are missing...

Aha!  No, I didn't.

Just now, I duplicated the bug.  Then hit Back.  Responsive again!  And...  Now I can't duplicate the bug.  I think you're right, there was a hidden window that got activated along with G4L, and a single "back" was enough to make it go away, and stay gone.  Okay, never mind.   8)