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Information / Re: Update of the forum (2022/08)
August 19, 2022, 20:52:37
Maybe something in the theme is specifying pixels instead of points?  If Mapper uses a super high-res monitor, that may explain it.

The size appears normal for me on my 15yo monitor.
Information / Re: Update of the forum
August 19, 2022, 15:38:51
Smooth upgrade, at least from the outside looking in.  I just had to log in again, browser auto-fills the details, a few seconds, done.

Looks good too.  :)
Hi.  I'm a hiker and cacher too.  I think your best bet would be offline topo maps, either LoMaps or OpenAndroMaps (V5).  Both are similar, show roughly the same data, but have visual differences due mostly to themes.  (I prefer OAM + Elevate theme due to some rendering glitches of text labels with LoMaps.)

I suggest offline because, of course, as a hiker you may not have cell coverage, and to pre-load online maps of any size is quite inefficient (in general, not just in Locus).

If you have a level of Locus that supports it, turn on slope shading; it's beautiful and makes hills stand out clearly.

Auto-routing on trails is quite nice too, either via built-in LoRouter, or BRouter as a separate app, again depending on your Locus version.  "After 20 metres turn right."

PS, you'll want maps based on OSM (such as the two mentioned above) for best quality of trail data ... unless you're in Europe, in which case some non-OSM maps are apparently quite good too.  But avoid maps based on government data, such as Topo Canada, out of date.
Hi.  I see that on wide screens, the point detail panel now appears on the right, rather than the bottom as before.

It would be very nice if a horizontal swipe could dismiss this panel.  (I keep trying and failing.)  Thanks.
Select the track.  Edit as necessary.  Tap "..." in the bottom-right corner, Export, select OpenStreetMap.  Provide login details if needed.

It works well; I use it a lot.  :)

PS, that sends it to the "GPS Traces" list, not directly to the map database.  As you might know, directly uploading tracks to the map database is discouraged, as it's typically noisy data.
Hmm.  Having my real name attached to the photo may discourage me from using the feature.  I try to be unfindable on the internet, with decent success.  (That's also why I never reviewed the app, sorry.)
I see a glitch with TTS similar to what Slarti mentioned.  If I reboot the phone (Android 9), then try to navigate in Locus, there's no voice.  In Android Settings I need to go Accessibility, Text-to-Speech (simply open the dialog), at which point Locus suddenly says either "Text to Speech correctly set", or "Let's go", depending on where it was waiting.

This only happens once after each reboot, but it's been doing it for a few years.  I don't really mind, since I know the workaround.  It's a quirk.  :)
I suggested "Fine Tune", but it wasn't my first choice.  "Edit Track" would be better (if not causing confusion with "Edit Info"), or "Track Editor" if a noun is appropriate here, or even "Modify Track" which I think was the original text.  "Modify Track" sounds ideal to me.

I'm not sure if nouns are appropriate as menu commands, but there's an advantage to the command being the same as the title of the screen that shows up, eg Route Planner, Track Editor.
Quote from: Andrew Heard on May 28, 2022, 05:32:37
track editor > repair

Hmm.  "Repair" suggests the track is broken or invalid.  May I suggest "Adjust" or "Modify", or even "Fine-tune"?  (I assume "Edit" is already taken by a different function, right?  I haven't looked at the beta.)
I've never seen this problem with my two Samsung tablets.  (I have no Samsung phones.)
Thanks for the quick fix on the glitch I mentioned.  Here's another (sorry), but I don't consider it urgent.

  • Solve a geocache puzzle and update the coords on the website.
  • In Locus, tap "Update cache".  Icon moves as expected.
  • Sync happens.
  • On second device, cache details show the new coords, but icon still displays at original location.  Hiding/showing the entire folder quickly fixes it.
(I should really use the help system for this, apologies.  Next time.)
Is this new?  A track being recorded is drawn over a point pop-up, not under it.  This seems undesirable.

Use case:  I noticed it after "scribbling a lot of red ink" while looking for a geocache, then trying to find out its name.

4.9 seems to have fixed the navigation-becomes-guidance issue I mentioned upthread, thanks.

Can't be absolutely sure without spoofing GPS or physically going back to the trail, but I'm pretty sure.  :)
Quote from: Menion on April 20, 2022, 08:39:18When you plan a really short route where are none! navigation commands (no instruction to turn) and you have disabled generating of navigation commands by the shape (settings > navigation > advanced > Frequency of commands), app does not recognize route as navigation route so it starts a guidance mode instead.

Thanks for the quick fix; I'll check it out soon.  I did have "maximum deviation from route" = 250m (and navs shorter than that), which might've triggered the problem.  But not in an obvious way.   :)  Cheers.
I navigated (car mode) to a trailhead, no problems.  Turn-by-turn directions.

Once on that trail, every attempt to navigate to a point farther down the trail (bike or hike mode), resulted in guidance instead ... the style of guidance I never use, with a single square guidance icon in the upper-left.  And just "beep", instead of "after 20 metres..." that I was expecting with "navigation".  The trail is properly tagged in OSM (foot=yes, bicycle=yes) and hasn't changed in years.

I need to investigate this further.  (4.8.2 gold)

EDIT:  The named trail passing through N53 18.852 W112 57.329 in Alberta is interesting.  Those coords are roughly the midpoint of a single way of several kilometers, with appropriate tags for hike routing.  However, within that single way, some attempts at navigation give navigation, some give guidance (eg, from those coords west to the junction).  I can't figure out the logic.  (And should an app ever give you something different than you asked for?)  Same results on two devices.

Thanks in advance.  Not urgent; enjoy the weekend.  :)