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Tools / Map Points Trimmer v3.3
May 28, 2020, 18:17:51
Map Points Trimmer v3.3.2

The aim of this utility is to help transfer your map points with photos in their descriptions from one program to another one so that embedded photos will be properly displayed according to your wishes and screen resolution as preview and have the ability to be magnified by click. Also you can set any path to your photos within any device, delete outdated garbage from descriptions and so forth.

To be short, the main bonus for Locus Map is to get pictures right in the description body and/or as the attachments.

Initially this program has been developed as a self-education utility for quick transformation a huge database of my own map points before transferring them between Locus Map Pro and Google Earth Pro on desktop forth and back.

Then it was added with some more features and I decided to make a design and let others to use it as it may be helpful for someone.

Ideally all this has to be made as a separate site page on a server but I'm not interested in having a hosting and for now the utility is being proposed as it is.
Use it at your own risk  8)

Download the latest release here:


Minimum system requirements:

Troubles & Questions / The problem with the screen
October 19, 2014, 19:44:15
Today with 3.3.1 version I noticed that with the "Display" -> "Disable lock screen" my smartphone is starting to react and turn the screen on on every event from my Bluetooth headset. The headset with "Play", "Pause", "Rewind" etc function for the music player playing at the same time with voice guiding in Locus.
Is it normal?