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Hello everybody! Locus is THE BEST  ;)
My Sgs2, Biftor Rom v. 5.1 (XWLS8), has an internal and external SD card. Locus is installed on the ext. SD. Since a couple of week every time I start the device, there is a freshly created empty /Locus directory on the internal SD card. And when I start Locus it recognize the Locus directory from the internal SD instead the one from the external and Locus start up with the empty internal directory linked.
- I tried do delete the Locus directory
- I used a startup manager for not allowing  Locus to  startup automatic
- reinstalled the app
- canceled the automatic Backup in Locus
Still the same. Maybe the Locus process (which one?) is looking on startup for the Locus directory before my external SD card is ready? Thanks for any help!