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(with workaround I meant, what ever you have done in 2.9.1)

With the version RC (and deinstalled Locus Pro 2.9.1):

- at every boot an empty /Locus folder on the internal SD-card get created
+ no error messages pop up
+ Locus is selecting the right /Locus folder on the external SD-card

I thing it's ok like this. Thank you again and good lock for all your other "projects"  :!:  :!:

Btw: I'm offline for the next 40 Days. I'm in holidays and will use Locus all the time, for driving, hiking, caching, tracking. :D
Now with the new release (Pro 2.9.1) after booting the divice, Locus still create an empty folder on the internal SD-card. When the media-scanner is finished the message "Doppelter Stammordner gefunden" (English translation = double root folder found) with the indicated paths pop up twice.
Then I start Locus and it is linked to the external SD and is ignoring the empty internal one. I can work with it without any problems.
For me this "workaround" is good enough. The startup message don't bordering me. =  RESOLVED!
Thank you so much!
Thank you for answering!
I use this version: Locus Pro 2.8.7
Yes, I use a custom Rom (Biftor Rom V5.2, Jelly Bean, with Jeboo Kernel v1.3b+). The problem exist with different XWLS8 Roms on the GT-I9100. I haven't tried it with a stock rom, sorry.
I use a 32 GB Class 10 SD-Card. I tried know to re-formate the SD-Card... success. I will wait until the next version of Locus is out!
Hello everybody! Locus is THE BEST  ;)
My Sgs2, Biftor Rom v. 5.1 (XWLS8), has an internal and external SD card. Locus is installed on the ext. SD. Since a couple of week every time I start the device, there is a freshly created empty /Locus directory on the internal SD card. And when I start Locus it recognize the Locus directory from the internal SD instead the one from the external and Locus start up with the empty internal directory linked.
- I tried do delete the Locus directory
- I used a startup manager for not allowing  Locus to  startup automatic
- reinstalled the app
- canceled the automatic Backup in Locus
Still the same. Maybe the Locus process (which one?) is looking on startup for the Locus directory before my external SD card is ready? Thanks for any help!