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I just tried the new ov2 (TomTom POI) import function, but I could not get it working. Might be that I tried a wired ov2 file...

I tried some files from like the Aral petrol station file which can be found here:

I can open that file using looks strange because of a wrong codepage, but its seems to work.

any hints ??
Wishlist / Grouping Favorits & POI
September 11, 2012, 10:51:36
Is there any way to group POIs in Locus ?

I would like to put POIs of a similar kind in one group lets say petrol stations, hotels, railway stations and so on. Normally I do not wont to see all POIs that way it might be easier to make a group visible or drop them all together.

This way it would be also easier to use some pre made POI files, they normally consists of hundred of POIs.
Other features / Need help saving tracks
September 03, 2012, 11:04:20
Couls someone give me a hint how to save tracks I created for navigating ? Every time I am saving those the last one gets overwritten, but I need to save more tracks as I do not have an internet access while on the road. The only way I found is to export those tracks and reimport them when I need them, but this does not feel very comfortable... What I am doing wrong ????
Wishlist / Center not in the middle of the screen
August 31, 2012, 17:35:06
That idea might sound strange - but..

I am sing Locus often to show me a map with my centred on my position. While driving a car, I would prefer that my own position would not be shown in the middle of the screen but somewhere more to the bottom of the screen. The reason is, normally you want to know what's coming up and not where just passed by. Therefore someone would to see better what he has to expect.

thanks for that great app..

II would like to see the sharing of any position or POI to be improved. Until now I did not find to show a received position in Locus. Sending a position is fine and send something like Nice to view on a PC, but I would like to see that position also inside of Locus. Neither a received email nor a SMS can hand over that link to Locus. If you are in somewhere-nowhere and you do not have an internet access or it would be to expensive to use, for example while roaming, there should be a way to import that location directly.

If that feature is already included, just let me know plz how to use it...

Declined / Wish: load vector map automaticly
January 04, 2012, 18:21:43
I am missing (or I was not able to find...) an option which will load vector maps automaticly if I am getting out of one and if there is an other map covering that area available on my SD-card. Some how like MapDroyd does it.
Troubles & Questions / Time to use vector add-on ?
January 04, 2012, 15:24:52

I am just new here and also a new user to Locus (Pro) ...

I am curios how long normally that vector add on can be used. in the marked it says, that the add-on will not work longer then March 2012, less then 3 months to go.
I understand that the hosting costs some money, but I would definitely prefer a per year subscription model....