Sharing a position between 2 Locus users

Started by muellmaen, August 31, 2012, 10:14:08

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thanks for that great app..

II would like to see the sharing of any position or POI to be improved. Until now I did not find to show a received position in Locus. Sending a position is fine and send something like Nice to view on a PC, but I would like to see that position also inside of Locus. Neither a received email nor a SMS can hand over that link to Locus. If you are in somewhere-nowhere and you do not have an internet access or it would be to expensive to use, for example while roaming, there should be a way to import that location directly.

If that feature is already included, just let me know plz how to use it...



Hello, oops, no answer since months...

Sharing of poi is in the (poi) menu behind the gear wheels. Or use the share feature in the function list for sharing the actual position. Sharing depends on the capabilities of your mobile (email, sms, bluetooth, icq, twitter, facebook, ... everything can carry coordinates as text, some can carry files for exchange).

1st possible way: share coordinates as text and at receiving, copy coordinates as text in clipboard, create new point and as method of getting coordinates use "get from clipboard" and paste in the field (Locus doesn't like the self created pipe "|" between lon and lat, just replace by comma!)

2nd possible way: use kml to share. At receiving choose Locus to open it.
If not asked by which app to open, see which app opens kml and reset the asignment in android for this app (google for how to do it).

3. You also can send gpx files by import/export (it's a good idea to zip the files, because not every phone recognizes gpx as a supported file type).

Good luck with sharing your coordinates!