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I still have two BlackBerry (BB) Leap for navigation purposes. On them I am using Locus Ver 2.17. An update to a newer version is not possible, because:
- I have to download apk and start it on the BB (for newer only installable via playstore)
- in the background an older Android Version is running (5 ??). Newer Locus versions needs a newer Android version.
Because of several reasons, I want to stay with them and NOT to change the HW.
Meanwhile I have the following problem: The map version is increased at OSM data base and the newer one is not usable for the old Locus Version 2.17. Hence the maps from OSM could not be used any more.

Therefore the question: is it possible / is there any tool to downgrade the map version? Or is there any trick to import the newer maps into 2.17?

Any hint would be great!