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Hmmmm, also the .osm.db files are not accepted by 3.37.2: the locus to don't show the file as an importable file at all (grey instead of black).

Also an issue of the old version?  :-\
I tried the mapForge and OpenAndroMaps. Both are working fine. The OAM are much bigger (1653MB instead 246MB), which makes the BB not faster.
I tried both maps with Elevate themes v5, v4332, vLE and V2. No combination is working.
=> closed. Seems not to be possible in this combination.

I tried to import the POIs from OAM. It is not possible to import them via
- "menu", "import"
- "menu", "points", set-up a group of points, "...", "import"
Do you know whether it is possible to import .poi files in 3.37.2? It seems it isn't.
I am using the map-files from:

They are shown correctly with my locus version. But because the files are a little bit bigger and my BB-processor is old, the speed to show and slide them is quite (or more accurate: very, very) slow.
Important: but they are v5 !!

All of the themes are not shown at all, see:

        You cannot view this attachment.
I tried all formats, which do not have the output format in the title (a work for a data slave :( ).
No one provided a vector map, which could be imported by Locus. Hence I have to work with the MapsForge Files => Locus is working very, very slow.

Maybe somebody can help me with an other issue with the Locus version 3.37.2:
I try to install the Elevate Themes. I loaded the files as defined in several chats:
- decompress the zip-file to mapsvector/_themes
- put all files&directories there
- start Locus
- try tp change the themes with the botton on left side. BUT: no additional themes are listed there!?! Only the "Allgemein" or general.

I tried to install "Elevate2", on top to Elevate2 the "ElevateLE", only the "ElevateLE" and "Elevate4332". None of them are shown in Locus. Which is the correct one for Locus 3.37.2?
It is looking in the following way:

You cannot view this attachment.
This should not depend on the HW. It should depend only on the Locus SW (and the version of it).
Yes, I put the file in the folder "maps" and with an other trail in the folder "mapsVector" with the same result: I is not show in the menu "maps". I can only use it when I am trying to "import" it.
Hello balloni55,
I just tried your file.
Same: only "importable"
Grafikfile (resolution might be slight better, but "only" a grafik file :( )

Many thanks for this trail.
Hello balloni55,

I tried it in the following way:
- generate the "RMpas SQlite"-File with Mobac
- load it to the mobile device (here Blackberry)
- start Locus
- go to "menu", "maps" and try to use it. Result: not accepted.

How it works with my version:
- generate the "RMpas SQlite"-File with Mobac
- load it to the mobile device (here Blackberry)
- start Locus
- go to "menu", "further functions", "import" and try to use it. Result: as mentioned above: yes with low resulution (grafic file only ?!?).

Should I do something differently)
Hello Menion,
I tried
- "RMaps SQlite"
- both Glopus formats (PNG&KAL and GMF)
- OziExplorer (should be same as MapsForge)
- OSMTracker
None of them are accepted by Glopus v 3.37.2.

Do you know how to get out of Mobac  (v2.3.1) the same format as could be downloaded from MapsForge? It is shown by Glopos as "VEC V2". In the meta data the "Projection" is "Mercator" (whatever this means).
Then I should be happy :)

Why not to use the MapsForge-Files? Quite simple: they are quite big. It would be great to use the relevant part only. Then the BB is much, much fast.

Update: "QMaps SQlite" is not accepted by Glopus as a map, but could be "imported". It seems to be a grafic file with a quite bad resolution - also when I add the zoom levels up to 15 in Mobac. In the highest zoom label the icons could NOT really be identified (what is what). Hence the goal is still to get a .map file similar to this from mapsforge.
After trying I found out, that the maps from are working.
Which format do I have to choose in Mobac? I tried several, but without any success :(
Hello Menion,

reason, why I am still using it: BB is not supported by playstore and therefore all updates has to be installed manually. The SW was still running, so why to make an update? :o
I will install version 3.37.2, wich is much newer as my present version.

I have no idea, why BB doesn't accept newer versions. In the www I found only that the parsing error is provided in case this apk doesn't fit with the android version. Details I don't know.
I was downloading OSM files But now with a version change of the map-file structure it is no working any more (still downloadable, but not more accepted by Locus).

I downloaded Mobac and installed it. During start of Mobac, I have to choose of the "atlas format". Which one might work?
I tried older versions.

Result: up to (and incl.) version 3.37.2 could be installed on the BB. I tried the free version only.
The next version (3.50.1) are not accepted any more (not 3.50.1, 3.57.1, 3.60.2 nor 3.64.1).

This might help to find a way ahead (hope so to find one  ??? ).
Many thanks for the link. I tried to install both: with and without "Afa".
But the result is everytime the same: "Parsing error":

       You cannot view this attachment.

Hence these versions could not be installed. Do you have an other idea?

I am using now the version 2.17.1, which is working absolutely fine. :)
... I have "only" the problem with the maps.

Hence both way ahead are fine: to install a newer version or to get maps, which are working with the availalbe one.
I still have two BlackBerry (BB) Leap for navigation purposes. On them I am using Locus Ver 2.17. An update to a newer version is not possible, because:
- I have to download apk and start it on the BB (for newer only installable via playstore)
- in the background an older Android Version is running (5 ??). Newer Locus versions needs a newer Android version.
Because of several reasons, I want to stay with them and NOT to change the HW.
Meanwhile I have the following problem: The map version is increased at OSM data base and the newer one is not usable for the old Locus Version 2.17. Hence the maps from OSM could not be used any more.

Therefore the question: is it possible / is there any tool to downgrade the map version? Or is there any trick to import the newer maps into 2.17?

Any hint would be great!