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Every time I try to create new points by entering entering lat/long coordinates on the 'edit point' screen LM4 reports 'Invalid value'. What do I have to do to make this work?

If I enter those same coordinates into Google Maps layers they work as expected. See some drop pins marking water sources here:

Entering 44°52'16", 5°30'32" into Google Maps layers puts a drop pin on the 'Source Les Serrons' water source. Entering those same coords into LM4 returns 'invalid value' even though I'm using the WGS (x° x' x.x") format with N:44°52'16" and E:5°30'32"

Can anyone help me enter the coordinates straight into LM4....and have them work!?

Currently I'm creating the points in Google maps and exporting a KMZ file of the points which LM4 imports successfully.

Troubles & Questions / Tracking settings
October 17, 2021, 16:30:00
Could someone explain the Trackpoint recording conditions please?
I'm not 100% clear on how these work. Thanks :-)

eg I will typically want to record a track with a regular 2 second track point interval
OR a consistent 10 metre track point interval.

The manual says -
Trackpoint recording conditions defines method of trackpoint recording based on distance and time intervals:
Distance AND time - both intervals at once trigger trackpoint recording - smoother line but less accurate
Distance OR time - one of the intervals triggers trackpoint recording - very accurate but a lot of trackpoints recorded
Please can the Elevate Map style be changed so that the 10m interval contours for hiking appear at the same zoom level as Cycling and Mountain Bike

The 10m interval contours don't appear until quite a high zoom level when 'Hiking' is selected
For Cycling and Mountain Bike the 10m contours appear when zoomed further out....better.