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Some of the users and I have troubles viewing online maps (OSM Classic). "Access Blocked. We suspect this client is downloading maps in an unauthorised manner.."

This appears while trying to view the last two zoom levels (17 and 18). It appeared after the last or before the last update.

What could be the problem.

I imported a geocache gpx into Locus. Tried to exclude (filter out) all found caches but filter displays that I have only found 5 caches instead of over 700. But the list containes all found caches. So now I have to uncheck all the found ones manually. What could be the problem?
Previously there haven't been such problem. It appeared after an update witch redesigned the look of POI list.
I use OSM maps offline. Online OSM maps show that there are 18 zoom levels, but if I'll try to download it only offers max zoom level 16. The problem is that OSM maps display housenumbers in zoom level >16 so there are no housenumbers in level 16.
Some time ago, I was able to download maps in zoom level 17, but not aymore.