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Maps / Startkart, Norway
March 26, 2021, 09:14:19

Some years ago you did a change in Statkart map and changed it from country to raster map.

I don't like the rastermap at all. It has much lower resolution, and few details compared to countrymap.
Especially at level 14 and 15, I think rastermap is poor. For use in Geocaching, for example, countrymap is much better for fine navigation.
(See example of the same map section, with the two different maps).

I brought this up with you a few years ago, but you wouldn't do anything about it that time. I have therefore tweaked it with an XML file, so I get the map I want, but when I recommend LocusMap to other norwegians, I have lost my best "selling point", namely the Norwegian map from the Statens Kartverk (statkart).

If you want you are welcome to keep Topo and Sailing as it is now, what I ask for is that you in addition can offer countrymap without changes (in all zooms).

Please, I think norwegians love this maps from Statkart because of their rich details, and its free to use, so I think LocusMap should offer them.