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Quote from: Viajero Perdido on March 25, 2021, 15:12:35
Hi.  Just did some sofa-testing of the pre-release version.

I looked at a geocache I'd loaded via GPX.  It didn't show the favorite points (shown as "-", likely because not included in GPX), so I went Update.  Now, I couldn't find the section showing favorite points, the top of the scrolling panel I guess.  Had to exit that view and re-tap the geocache to see it.  A bug?

It's a known bug. Somebody reported it before. unfortunately Menion couldn't simulate it. I have it, too.
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Do I understand right?

I'm a Locus Pro user and am currently using the Beta of V4 from Google Drive.
If I want to use the new "official" Beta from Play store, I have to subscript the Beta channel for the "old" Locus Map "free" and will get the new LM4 (where I have to select which subscription model (base, silver, gold) will fit best for me)?
After installing the Beta, I can delete Pro and Google drive Beta versions, without getting any data loss?
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Crashing also when Switching settings for display activating...
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