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Quote from: Menion on April 26, 2023, 11:02:36Interesting. I'm looking at what more may cause this behavior and the only feature that affects this as well are ...

I have figured it out!
It's the notifications that keep turning the display on. If I change the Android "manage notifications" for Locus Map as follows, everything works fine
Variant 1: completely switch off "Allow notifications" for Locus Map Classic in the Android settings
Variant 2: only switch off the notifications for the lock screen
Variant 3: switch off the following three notifications: "running tasks" and "Navigation" (and "Track recording" for the rest of my use cases).You cannot view this attachment.
Thanks Menion, no Bluetooth, API use by 3rd party, no Tasker....
That's why I also reset and removed + reinstalled the app. But with default settings it's the same behaviour :-/
I use OPPO Find X3 Pro, on my wife's phone (Samsung) it works fine.
Thank you Menion,
but all them are disabled already.
Please, I need your help. I'm sure I used this a few years ago as well: I want to have voice prompts for route navigation and leave my phone in my pocket. The display should be off to save power.

When I haven't started navigation, it works as expected. If I lock the screen, it stays off until I wake the display up again.
But when I start a navigation, the screen always comes back on automatically after a second or two.

I've already tried all the settings that struck me, letting Locus run as a service and restarting Locus every time, since some settings are only applied after a restart.
Does anyone have an idea where I have to set something else?

I currently have tried
    Settings - Controlling - Display - Screen on/off control: Disabled
    Settings - Controlling - Display - Always screen on: Disabled
    Settings - Controlling - Display - Unlock the screen: On

But also with
    Settings - Controlling - Display - Always screen on: Enable - Specify - all three options disabled
it doesn't work for me.

Locus Map Classic 3.66.2
wen es interessiert: es geht derzeit nicht.
Aber Menion baut es ein  :D
VG Peter
Hallo Forum,
ist es möglich, sich die Kalibrierungspunkte eines Bildes zu sichern und ggf. wieder zu laden? Zur Not auch mit dem TotalCommander und Texteditor - wenn man weiß, wo Locus das speichert. Denn Locus merkt sich nur die Kalibrierungspunkte des letzten Importes.
Hintergrund: ich habe immer mal wieder Bilder (aus einer proprietären GIS Anwendung auf Arbeit) die ich in Locus reinbekommen will. Dabei habe ich mehrere verschiedene Karten mit jeweils immer wieder den exakt gleichen Abmaßen.
Bin für jeden Tipp dankbar - danke!
VG Peter