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The size of maps?
« on: August 15, 2011, 08:48:14 »
Hi all
I have a question if i do some mistake or all is fine.
I convert  some of my maps (OZFX3 czech 1:10000) to sqlite version. I use MAPC2MAPC to convert this file.
My question is about size of new file.
Old map for ozi have *.map file that have some +-kB and *.ozfx3 file that one square have max 13MB. So czech capital city Prague have about 6 square, so 6x13MB=+-78MB.
When i convert this map to sqlite db i must set the ZOOM????
OK i can, so when i create about 3-4 zoom i have about 31MB large sqlitedb file and TIF map file that have about 128MB!!! So czech capital city Prague have about 6 square, so 6x159MB=+-954MB.
Its about 12 times more!!!! Do i any mistake, or can i use other way or format to convert?
I know that we have now 32GB SD card, but all country in 1:10000 is about 12GB in ozi and sorry but now i really dont have 144GB SD card :-))

In old HTC with WM i have gczII and can export cache to oziexplorer. If i set some area that i use for GC i download about 12 square, in 1:10000, around to my phone, and also have all time all country in 1:50000 (about 540MB) in my phone. It is about 2,5GB map and its fine and dont have problme with ANY zoom.

Do i some mistake now, can i convert map to other format that dont too large and can use effectively for GC?
Thanks for answer
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