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Started by r2d2, August 05, 2011, 11:50:04

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Hi all,

Menion asked me to write my idea here, so I will do it :-)
I use Locus now for several weeks, on bicycle trips, walking tours in the alps... and I love this program.

On my tours of course I made some pictures with my smartphone. Here I would like to have some features to use pics in Locus ;-)

1. Documentation and Routing

On a route I would like to collect pics in a route-folder with tags (location, height, date, orientation, coordinates, track, symbol of pictures on the map...). So I could reproduce the route, give it to a friend or find quickly nice pictures from this route. So it would be nice to have a Menu-button to quickly make a picture with auto-save mode in this route-folder, instead to leave locus, swith the camera on, take a picture and move it in a browser to the right folder and go back to locus. This could be solved by the existing function "POI-add with photo". Just add foto-settings like (resolution...) in the settings, use special route-folder to find and store them easily and save the route-informations in the pictures exif-data. This would be great. :-D

2. Roadbook

This could be a nice feature beside geocaching. "Find something only by following pictures." The pictures can be normal pictures or graphical instructions like "go 340m, then turn left" or "follow the direction 274° for 2,56 km" may be with additional informations like "on km 45,56 be careful, the way is not clear"... Instead of the arrow-pics in the sample-graphic I can imagine to have real pictures, made on a tour (see above).
I used a roadbook on several motorcycle rallyes and love to navigate with.


Thinking about a bit more, I'ld like to shorten my wish :-) (hoping to reduce confusion)

The second point will not be interesting for the most users.

The first one I think has potential improvement. So let me define it more preceise:

"Please extend the existing funtion POI+ Photo by adding Route/POI-Information like position, track-name in the exif-data of the picture."

The idea is to have a folder or container which includes all information about a route/track:
 - track data
 - POIs
 - pictures
 - additional information (text, voice-notes...)
This container is easy to find and to give it to a friend. Other Locus user can open the container an see all information of the route/track on the map with symbols for POIs, pictures, additional information along the track. So other ones can see e.g. what I have seen on holidays :-)


Hi r2d2
This is very similar to what I asked long time ago:
To have ONE directory containing all Information, track, POIs, Fotos, Text.

So you have my support of increasing this wish. Hope menion digs in :-)


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Hi menion, are these above mentioned points still on your ToDo list ?

Another idea maybe easy to do:
Improve addin FOTOPOIs:
When tracking starts, ask for tracking name (not only when saving),
Take this name as suggestion for Fotopoi and - this would be excellent if possible - add a counter.
So, if you create a Fotopoi, the point is automatically named withoit any additional entry neceesary. This would be very quick and would avoid that all points are named "punkt" or "point" ...
But e.g "Rax-tour_1, Rax-tour_2, .  and therefore easy to find in directory.