import GPSTrack-maps

Started by Rob, August 04, 2011, 15:16:53

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as GPSTacks is now available for Android and also offers downloading of very nice TOPO maps, is there a possibility to use them in LOCUS? They are stored in  .png tiles. So, this is not ONE big png but in different directories several png files (according to tiles).
Is there a way to convert e.g. a whole directory into a sql db?

The features of LOCUS are unbeatable, so i want to stick to, but the maps of GPSTracks are more detailed than offered by Locus.

regards Rob


Hmm, I'm not much familiar with this, so it's question probably on any other user, anyway Locus directly do not support this (for me very stupid) map format. But there should be any workaround with Mobac I think ...
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