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hmm, looks like you miss something .. viewtopic.php?f=21&t=968 ;)

EDIT: seems that information about exiting from highway is really missing in CloudMade datas ... so I create new issue on their tracker and we'll see
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Thanks a lot for the new release 1.11.0 today!!
Really a lot of great improvements!!!

- the guiding sound on each red point: By trying different values in the Settings > Guiding > distance fields , I figured out that it is the Track > "Set next point" that defines the distance for notification sound. Works great!! This is perfect! May be you shoudl modify the description text for that setting to explain that this is also for turn notification.

- the new image for roundabout in the turn window is a great improvement. The number in the middle telling which exit is really great. What about having a corresponding image with a white line in the roundabout and with a white arrow at the right exit?

- turn arrow now changes into a question mark when off route: great! I like that. But the distance below keep running. May be you should turn that off too.

- top window displaying road name: the new feature to select between two modes - name of road I am driving on, or name of road I will turn into - is perfect!!! How great! Love it! Tested. Works great!

- new target/goal symbol in turn window: great! One small detail: if I select the top window to display the road I will turn into at the next turn, this will display "Unknown street" for the last leg. What about displaying the target symbol instead?

- may I suggest a new, very useful feature show another small window along the bottom of the screen (just above the bottom command line) with 3 or 4 fields. Each field can be selected by tapping to display additional information like:
       --- distance to goal
       --- bearing (N, NE, E, SE, etc)
       --- altitude
       --- speed
       --- current time
       --- time to next turn assuming current speed
       --- I guess time to target would be hard to calculate since I guess you do not have info of speed limits on the streets ahead?
       By tapping a field you get a popup window to choose which item to display

- recalculate? Would it be possible to have that as an option when I tap the turn window?

Congratulations with so many great improvments, Menion!!!


After using the latest version one more day, I have some additional comments:

- referring to my previous post: add the following item to the list of additional items that could be selected for display at my suggested new info window at the bottom:
     --- distance travelled
  Such user configurable fields are available at some car navigators and set them apart from competitors. So Locus - please, this is very useful and a great benefit

- taping the large navigation window (turn window): today you get a popup window with two entries: Itinery (which is really nice), and Choose voice. Taping "Choose voice" displays "no voice" + a list of available voices.
   I am suggesting to add one more entry: "Notification Beep" (or maybe "Beep before turn" ?) By selecting this entry, a new popup allows you to set the distance for notification. This will set the entry in Settings > Guiding > Tracks > "Set next point" and enable "guiding sounds". My point here is that it would be much more convenient to set this directly from the turn window as suggested. "No voice" should turn off the guiding sound as well.

- as mentioned above,taping the turn window pops up a window with the two entries "Itinery and "Choose vocie". Please add a 3rd entry "Recalculate" (also refer previous posts) - but maybe this entry could be twice as tall to make it easier to hit while driving.

- off rote: I have noticed several times that if I take another route, the blue guiding line that is supposed to point to the closest point, doesn't do that always. Some times it stops following and get stuck at a point far back. If I tap "Nearest point" it jumps to the true closest point. I have several examples where the blue line says that closest point is more than 1km away, while I actually only have 100 m left from rejoining the route. In those cases I have also noticed that Locus doesn't immediately detects that I am back on route, even though I am right on the route - rather I have to follow the route for several seconds before Locus understands that I am back. You can easily recreate such cases by manually moving the map GPS off).


An issue I discovered today:
I created a CloudMade route some days ago. It navigated fine displaying the name of the road in the top window. Everything correct. However, today I enabled this same route, but now the top window displays "Unknown street" along the whole route. When I turn off guiding to see the red dots, they all are correct displaying the name of the roads, so the information is there.

I tested this issue today by creating a new track along the same road, stored it, restarted Locus and enabled guiding on the saved track. All road names came up correctly on this track.

I have attached the failing track. Hope you can see what the issue is.


you tried this on road saved with previous locus version right? I changed system for storing this info (to be faster when getting value during navigation) so old stored tracks will have some problems as you wrote. Thank you for reports Svartbojrn. I'll all read carefully later. I'm just doing some bug fixes and some needed improvements and i'll start work on navigation during next week again ...
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Quote from: "menion"you tried this on road saved with previous locus version right?
Correct. Ok, good to know why. No problem.


I tried this with Yoda:) On bigger roads/highways Yoda tells me on EVERY exit: "Straight ahead must you go!"
Is there anything I can do to avoid this? Maybe just drop the announcement "straight.ogg" from the zip, or will this cause another problem?
Also when I had to exit one big road to another and make a 270 degree turn, Yoda was telling me to go straight ahead (several times during the turn).
After a while it seemed that every announcement and the arrow was just "straight ahead"?
Maybe it is something about the CPU speed? ZTE Blade is not the fastest one around :(
But the track on the map is very clear, and the constant beeps are not so disturbing as Yoda. I'll be testing this further.

I strongly support the suggestion about an easy "recalculate button" or even an automatic recalculation GPS-position --> target when I'm lost for more than 10s ... 1min


Hi Menion,

the quick navigation option is really nice. However, I noted that in the start/end menue only favorite POIs can be used and it appears not straight forward to put existing POIs to favorites. Export/import works but it applies to all POIs of a category. If one changes the category of a given POI to favorites, it disappears from the previous category which is perhaps not desired. I have the following suggestions.

1) Perhaps add the option to use POIs from all categories for navigation.
2) Include a quick way to copy existing POIs to favorites.


Hope this was not raised elsewhere. Not easy to keep an overview.


stebu .. it's here mentioned problem http://developers.cloudmade.com/issues/show/973 ... you may vote there to increase attention ;)

about "straight ahead" ... sounds funny :). i don't think it have something to do with speed of your phone. Do you have same issue on every track?

VWhite ... nice idea. I added "Copy to" function under POI menu, so you may copy POI from one directory to second

EDIT ... about 2 hours later ... so manual recompute added also. Now probably also some automatic recompute right? Hmm firstly we should test this manual one, and if all will works fine, I'll create probably new settings category (navigation) with first item "Automatic recompute". I'm just worried about one thing. When you ride and press recompute, I send current! location, but time needed between sending data and refreshing navigation, should be, depend on track length and internet connection speed, few seconds, so after that you'll be far away. Also their system do not support recompute in some direction, so it's possible that instead of direction forward, you'll receive track in opposite direction ... hope you understand me :). So with CloudMade system, I cannot create perfect navigation in Locus because their system do not allow this ... damn
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 With version 1.13.1 I have now tried this great new feature several times on several trips. Thank you for implementing that!

Here is what I found:
- recomputing works great every time, even when driving (your concern above).
- recomputing doesn't take your moving direction into account, only my position. So if I am driving away from my destination and tap Re-compute, I get new directions as if I were driving towards  my destination. But I understand from your post above Menion that it is a known CloudMade limitation, right? It's a pity.
- I haven't tested if CloudMade takes oneway streets into account. Does it? And does CloudMade take restrictions into account, like no left turn allowed here, no u-turn there, ...?

Taking another road and then rejoining route:
This doesn't work anymore (worked before). I have tried this many times and it doesn't work. The guiding line that is supposed to track nearest point, always gets stuck on a point  and stops following. When I rejoin the computed track, the guiding line is still stuck at a point far back, and Locus never understands that I am back on track. So the navigation/turn window keep showing a question mark. I have to tap "Nearest point". I reported this in an earlier post, but the issue persists.

Refer earlier posts by me.


Hi guys,
  new navigation version is here for testing. I changed server source for MapQuest. It's a much more complicated, it also transfer more data (I'll optimalize it) but it mainly offer some very useful data and tools, so testing version is here viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1013. Feedbacks are welcome

  stebu: problems with exit on highway, should be solved in testing version
  svartbrojn: thanks as usually for feedback. New version compute re-calculate in current direction! Rejoining route is still a problem, I know. And I still have no simple solution for this.
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Tested version extensively today when driving by car. Re-compute with MapQuest works great! Also takes my moving direction into acount, so if I am moving away from my destination, it correctly computes proper turns to get back towards my destination (e.g. U-turns and using a roundabout to turn back. Very good!

MapQuest issue
Found one funny thing: MapQuest always computes some distance (100-200 meters) beyond the last point I enter. When I continue with the next point, I get a double line for that distance. See attached track. There are three places you can see that double line. No big deal. Just want to mention it.

Yours/CloudMade/MapQuest selection gone!
Just installed version Tapping the guiding selection (create route command line, 3rd button from left) used to pop up a menu where I could select Yours/CloudMade/MapQuest. This was still present in version, but is gone in version Why? We need that!! The whole point with "Yours" was to be able to create a route with straight lines between the waypoints. We need that feature back. I used it extensively when flying. Also when walking in the mountains or woods without trails, I want a guiding along straight lines.

The new navigation selections (Limited access, Toll road, Unpaved, Ferry) are really great though! Thank you!

Navigation voice
Navigation voice: when I choose a voice, the new selection is not highlighted blue until I quit Locus and restart it. If I just finish navigation (Guiding Off) and reselect navigation, the last selection is used correctly, but the previous selction is still highlighted.

What about including one navigation voice (English) with Locus. It is not straight forward to extract voices correctly from TomTom and other places. I am sure many people would appreciate at least one English voice included. I would suggest "Ken LOUD". I tried a lot of voices and found this one best.

Rejoing route
Yes, still a problem. Worked in about 4 out of 8 cases today (version When "Closest point" does follow, then Locus understands when I am back on track. So the real issue is the fact that the "Nearest point" gets stuck. Would one solution be if Locus executes the "Nearest point" command once in a while (e.g. every 10 seconds) in the background? Could you think of situations where you would not want that to happen?


  re-compute - I know, it's nice feature on MapQuest server. I'm also sending together with current bearing, request that driver can react after 3 secs (maybe I'll change it to be depend on speed), so you'll not receive some turn request immediately but at least after 3 secs ... very nice (if you understand what I wanted to say :) )

  -issue: I know, have to check it

  -selection: yes, it's gone. Yours is slow and not always working, CloudMade is useless now. What exactly you miss? You're saying you miss straight lines. You can do straight lines simply by adding points by first button on "And new route" panel. But you probably mean, computed path but without some navigation orders am I correct? I was also think about it. What about one checkbox on selection panel with "Disable navigation". Which will just compute path by MapsForge but it will not store some navigation orders so you'll then be guided not with "car" and "voice" navigation but just with blue lines along path. So?

   there is one big problem. I'm not sure (and I think it isn't) if using voices for TomTom is legal and if I can distribute such voice with Locus. That's the reason why no default voice is in Locus after install. Have to check other issues you write

    this will not work. Imagine highway, and you want u-turn and go back in opposite direction. This u turn is more then mile away but gps signal is really back. So I apply "Nearest point" and locus switch you to opposite direction ... damn :)
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- Create route with straight lines: sorry, of course this is in as before by turning off the guiding selection button (3rd button from left on the create route command line). I just mixed up things here yesterday. The old "Yours" selection was used to create a route without guiding. Your idea of having this selection as a tick box on the popup menu sounds great.

- Rejoining route: ok understand that automatic "Nearest point" in background may not work as we want. BUT - I understand you are using 50m as a limit to say if I am on the route or not (seems to be a very convenient limit. Works great). Can't you use the same criteria to determine if I am back on computed route? At rejoining I can see the blue arrow right on top of the created route. Can't that be a good enough criteria to tell that I am back on track?  Locus seems to use the blue guiding line to determine of I am back on track or not.


- checkbox to compute route without navigation is added

- 50m limit should not be enough in places with very wrong covering by OSM maps (there should be bigger mistake in map) so this can already be set in navigation settings

- and about joining. Hmm but you see blue arrow always pointing to right place on route when you join? This is not possible I think, because this blue arrow is computed from current used "break point" (point that contain some navigation orders). But as we talk about it, maybe I can do one more improvement. Something like nearest point, that will also check if your current bearing is same (or similar) to bearing of "nearest" vector ... hmm that should work, have to try it now :)
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