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Started by beonun, August 02, 2011, 05:03:20

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I want to see the data field on map page in Locus

On Garmin Oregon series, the user can select the data field he want to see on map page.
The data field has many data items, for example, bearing, course, distance to next ...

I usually select 2 items on top dashboard on Oregon, Waypoint at next, Distance to next.
They help me to climb the mountain.
Some can select 4 items, Heading, ETA at Next, ETA at Destination, etc. ...
Recently, I noticed that this function is added on Oruxmaps(version 4.0)

Would you give positive consideration to this?


Hi, simply answer, no ...
for this case is created "Custom screen" function, that allow define exactly what you want to see. You just need to be little bit skilled with xml editing, but not too much I think. So look at Custom screen creating and try to create your own. I also plan addon that allow share and distribute these skins, but no time yet
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