[APP] - version 4.23.+ ( 04/2023 )

Started by Menion, April 08, 2024, 16:12:40

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Quote from: Graf Geo on May 31, 2024, 22:06:57Can't this be set for external profiles
Yes, would be nice to have with own profiles.
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Hi, I can't properly see the supported parameters for external profiles in the planning screen, is something changed?


Hi guys,

The new version, 4.24, was just published on Google Play. It will be available for all during this week (+ already uploaded to Google Drive).

I believe it will work without serious problems and you will be able to enjoy trips during the coming sunny days! Thanks to all for the help with this version!



Speed parameter for other bike profiles - we will be working on it next week(s).
Also in custom profiles? Please don't ask me  :). The app should now support all custom profiles - so the page for external profiles should be identical to what you see on the BRouter web planner.

if something does not work, please provide more info. Profile, screenshot, etc.
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