I’ve just discovered that what3words support has been removed from Locus Map v3

Started by DeLorean, March 28, 2024, 11:16:17

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Hi guys,

I'm using Locus Map v3.70.7 and I've just discovered that all support for what3words has been removed.

I'm assuming that this is linked to this comment in the change log of Locus Map v4.20.0 (22.11.2023):
chg: (GOLD) What3Words moved to Premium Gold as the service migrated to a paid API

My daughter is currently doing her Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) and the leaders always send hike start, end and other locations to the parents using what3words... which is not ideal.

Is there an "unofficial" workaround to re-enable the feature Locus Map 3?

My current workaround has been to install the Android app of whats3words and have configured the share output format to be compatible with Locus Map v3.

All the best...


this unfortunately change was made because What3words introduced highly overpriced payments for their requests (it was for free previously), so we had to limit this feature to even a Gold Premium, sorry.

The best solution, from my point of view, is to open the address in the official W3W app and share it with other apps.
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