4.22.1 Various Bugs?

Started by TwoSlipsAndAGully, March 23, 2024, 08:37:01

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Since the update I've had the following issues
1. Trying to plan a route results in the new hints on how to plan a route popping up (2 of them) then dumping you back to the main screen. This happens repeatedly.  In the end I turned off Display Tips and trips in Expert settings and could then plan a route.  I don't think this switch was on before the update.

2. The mile markers on my planned routes vanished on the main screen.  I had to turn the switch Distance Markers in Points and Tracks back on to get them back.  This again, was changed by the upgrade not me.

3. When planning a route Locus makes the bottom android navigation bar overlay Locus so it's very very difficult to click the + button to start planning a route.  After you get the first point in, Locus resizes itself so the android navigation bar sits below locus. See image.

4. All my turn by turn instructions on some of my routes have vanished. So they just showed start and then the finish at 64km. Very odd. I re-did a route and saved it and that contains the turn by turn instructions. Weird.

5. When you do start a navigation, the first voice is American then subsequent instructions are in my chosen language.  Locus used to do this all the time, but you had sorted that out. It's back.

6. Screen on for navigation instructions had been switched off. Again, upgrade did this not me.

7. Weird blank bits of screen appearing when planning routes. See image.

I use Locus evey day to cycle for about 5 hours including stops. Pre the upgrade I had none of these issues and used it perfectly yesterday.



In addition to the above bugs

8. When you create a route, adding points manually to the map it used to name the route using nearby towns for start and finish points.  Now it just says untitled.

Andrew Heard

@TwoSlipsAndAGully - for me (4.22.2), adding manual points (your point #8) works fine (for me) - see 3rd point - the address is correct.

@menion - why the space between the top of screen & the title "X Route planner"?
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@Andrew. Thanks for the reply.  I'm afraid the bug with the planning a route still exists in the latest version 4.22.2. 

To reproduce this I click the route planner and you can see from the screen shot that the + and - buttons are overlaid with the Android bottom menu.  This remains this way until you've added the 2nd point on the map using the + button. Then the bottom bar jumps

I don't use the new start and end options as I plan routes manually.

I don't know why but my screen shots cut off the bottom of Locus. In reality you can see the full - and + buttons, but the hamburger, home and back menu from android are overlaid on top of them.

Point 8 seems fixed in the bug fix release though.


To reproduce my planner problem, start the planner (sometimes I get the start and finish text at the bottom of the screen, sometimes I don't. I haven't figured out why I do or do not get them).

Add a start point, add a finish point. Any distance will do. Remove the finish point using the minus and my start and finish text vanishes, and I get the screen shot above.   

Graf Geo

I confirm that the opening of the white list is not fluid, first a small part of the list appears, then with a minimal but visible delay (approx. 200 ms) the rest.

Second issue: Confirmed. I case of only two items deleting the destination reduces the list and only the start entry is visible. However, you can select a new destination on the map and the list will open correctly again. But sometimes the truncated list covers the blue buttons (+ and -) and then you have to restart the route planner.

If you set several points and delete the last one, the list is correctly reduced by one entry. Only the penultimate (second) entry has the problem.
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Firstly (and lately), thanks for your reports!

Could you please confirm whether any of the mentioned 8 points are still valid? Because one or two should be solved, but the rest is not reproducible to me, sorry. I'll ask for more specific info if you will be willing to help here a little more. Thanks.
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