Profiles for different GPS settings

Started by berkley, July 26, 2011, 06:46:52

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Hi there,

we talked many times before about "profiles" for different GPS settings. I recently noticed, that it is already there!
The not so new feature for backing up and restoring your settings makes this possible. All we need is a function to add this feature to right or top panel. So you could easily switch between different settings (profiles) if you want to.

If the function is called, you'll see a list of all available settings and simply choose one. In addition to that, there could be some default settings for new unexperiened users. Like "Car", "Bike", "Bluetooth GPS". Also some options including battery consumption with three or four levels starting from "low energy consupmtion" and ending with "high accurancy".

What do you think about this?

Cheers, berkly
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That will be coool. It could be also integrated with category of recorded track, so the user would choose the category before recording, and the category will reflect the category itself, and the GPS profile.