Route Planner: Navigation commands in Drawing Mode

Started by Graf Geo, December 12, 2023, 13:43:21

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Graf Geo

Small issue with the navigation commands switches on/off:

I open the route planner and choose p.e. hiking or walking mode. I select "include navigation commands" on. (Important: the last time I planned a route, it was off).
However, the route is initially created without navigation commands. Only "recalculte all" creates navigation commands.
Then I create another route and select "include navigation commands" off. However, the route is created with navigation commands, only "recalculte all" deletes them.

This means that the route planner remembers the last setting, which is not changed simply by ticking "include navigation commands", you first have to recalculate.

LM 4.20.1 Afa

Translated with (free version)

SG S10, Android 12


Thanks @Graf Geo
indeed, the handling of this setting was not correct. Will be fixed in the next app version.
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