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Map Calibrator

Started by Ferretty, July 24, 2011, 12:26:26

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I just picked up a really great idea over in the XDA-Developers Forum which I'd second:

Quoteit would be very very useful to have - included in Locus - a tool that allows to calibrate a map. This map could be a map photo taken at the entrance of a park or a .pdf file. Basically I'm asking to the author to introduce the features of another software called Mapcalibrator.
Imagine, you can't find that map online but you have it on paper: you can take a picture, you can scan, you can load the .pdf file or the .jpeg or.tiff and then calibrate it (e.g. eith three points) so to use it.

I'd say it would already be helpful just to support it as JPG, so one could use the built-in cam (maybe even from within Locus), take the picture, and Locus would process it. This would be especially useful in (national) parks and large outdoor museums like e.g. "Ancient City" (a miniatur Thailand built up in Bangkok). They often offer their special maps with special details...


2 topics on same subject :)
It's still a great idea though!

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Yepp, sorry for that. If you take a look at the time stamp, you see why. Could I know that ik8vwa (the one I quoted) would really go to register here and post his suggestion? Yeah, I recommended that. But usually people answer something like "don't want to register just for 1 question"  :D

But as you think it's a great idea (so do I) -- better have it mentioned twice than not at all, right?  :lol:


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