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Started by frankypa, September 18, 2023, 15:34:23

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I use Locus Map on an Android tablet. I registered via Facebook and bought already some offline cards.

Now I got an additional offroad vehicle with an Android radio installed.

I was able to install Locus Map and the app ist working but I can't login.

The Android radio offers only E-Mail for login an when I use my mail an error occurs that this adress is alread in use by an Facebook login with the hint I should choose the Facebook login but the app doesn't offer Facebook Log in at all on this device?

Any help how I can Login this device? It's brand new installed from PlayStore and all updates are done.



Hello Frank,
sorry for this. It is a technical problem on our side, we were unable to solve for years.

What I may do, is reset your login parameters. This means you will have to create a new account over email/password with an identical email!! And use this on both devices. Should I do it and is it the same email you use here on forum?
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