Area Calculation

Started by Slaakker, July 23, 2011, 07:18:36

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First off, this is an awesome app.  I use it for wildland firefighting.

My request is the ability to do area calculation from saved tracks.  When I do a perimeter of a fire, I need to calculate acreage.

Thank you so much.



Any thoughts Menion?  Would this be hard to do?


don't know ... mainly I have no idea how to calculate area from not-closed area ... I have to connect first and last points and compute area from this object? And problem it will not be, I'm graduated surveyor so I hope I still remember something from school :)
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Yes.  It would assume that the start and end are connected.  Most of the times I have a full complete track all around the fire perimeter.  You have it built in that it colors the area, just doesn't calculate acreage.

Also, maybe a quick waypoint entry button that just enters the waypoint without asking for any information.  Sometimes in the helicopter I have to quickly mark a point but don't have time to enter any info.

Will this program add kml info and keep it updated?  That would be cool.

Thanks!  Great program.