LoRouter routing profiles

Started by ftheelen, August 12, 2023, 12:26:29

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How is determined what the "Parameter" values are in the settings of LoRouter (or Brouter)? These are profile-dependent, but cannot find a matching variable in the corresponding *.brf files where the profiles are defined.

Application - am creating/experimenting with custom routing profiles for offroad motorcycle navigation and am curious.

If there is an other (e.g. brouter) related forum of documentation, please let me know.




Hello Frans

check our routing profiles here.

For example "LoCarVarioEco" on your screenshot has at the start defined variables
assign avoid_toll          = false  # %avoid_toll% | Avoid paid roads | boolean
assign avoid_unpaved       = true  # %avoid_unpaved% | Avoid unpaved roads, if possible | boolean
assign avoid_motorways     = false  # %avoid_motorways% | Avoid motorways | boolean

This syntax "assign avoid_toll          = false  # %avoid_toll%" is what defines parameters in the routing files.

Currently, only supported parameters are
- avoid_motorways
- avoid_primary
- avoid_toll
- avoid_ferries
- avoid_tunnel
- is_wet
- avoid_unpaved
- ignore_cycleroutes
- stick_to_cycleroutes
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