Copy Offline-Lomaps to another account?

Started by arnor, July 30, 2023, 12:20:38

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My wife and I both use Locus4 on our smartphones, each with its own plan.  I myself have a Gold annual subscription.  My wife also has a subscription and takes out the Gold subscription several times a year for a few months.  For years I have been downloading the OAM maps and copying them to the other smartphone via a backup.  I now want to use the Lomaps and work in the same way.  But is that actually possible?  I can imagine that it is possible and that the cards only become visible when the Gold subscription has started and are invisible again when Gold has ended.  Or will problems arise?


Hello arnor,
no worry. LoMaps are not attached to any account and may be freely distributed to other own devices or even other users. So simply copy downloaded maps to the wife's phone and it should work without a problem no matter if she has any active Premium or not.
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That's nice to read.  Thank you for your quick response.