Failing to create points with lat/long coordinates

Started by geoffmozz, July 16, 2023, 23:00:55

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Every time I try to create new points by entering entering lat/long coordinates on the 'edit point' screen LM4 reports 'Invalid value'. What do I have to do to make this work?

If I enter those same coordinates into Google Maps layers they work as expected. See some drop pins marking water sources here:

Entering 44°52'16", 5°30'32" into Google Maps layers puts a drop pin on the 'Source Les Serrons' water source. Entering those same coords into LM4 returns 'invalid value' even though I'm using the WGS (x° x' x.x") format with N:44°52'16" and E:5°30'32"

Can anyone help me enter the coordinates straight into LM4....and have them work!?

Currently I'm creating the points in Google maps and exporting a KMZ file of the points which LM4 imports successfully.



LM is complicated here. Behind creating a new point, find the clipboard import, this will work.
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Hmm, @geoffmozz wrote "Entering those same coords into LM4 returns 'invalid value'" ... may you describe it in detail? Suggestions from @Tapio should work of course.
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