Uploading backed up maps to new phone

Started by tjej01, June 13, 2023, 01:36:51

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I have many years of map files(online, offline, map items etc) backed up before automatic back up was included. How can I upload/import all the file to new phone.

Tried to locate on forum and search without positive help.

Phone .pixel 7a
Locus classic pro


Do you have them in the original folder structure ?
Then it is pretty easy: just locate where your current Locus install resides - most prob. in private /Android/data on internal storage - and copy the data there.
Connected to a PC this should be straight, on the mobile itself you need Apps like x-plore or TC to get to those private data folders.
If the data is REALLY old, the database structure might not fit.
If you have the old data PLUS you collected new data already on your Pixel 7, then things get more manual and nasty.


Thank you for your time and response.

I am concerned that I fall into the last Paragraph description... Nasty.
I did find my current file on the hidden private location with x—plore. I have been a Locus user for many years and have enormous track files, routes, and offline maps, map items etc.,. but when I set up new phone no locus files transferred and I did not know to restore from backup. I have found on my PC a folder of Locus backup files from 2016. Probably not in the original structure, but I don't know. With my new phone, I have gone to locus sore and downloaded my lomaps and some osm files.

So.. Any hope or process to retrieve the 2016 backup to new phone. Import.. Copy????


OK, that gives more insight into the overall situation. Except:
- has there been Locus usage from 2017 to 2022?
- if yes, are there backup zip files (should be many MB)?



Wow, thank you very much for your time, patience and help.

To answer your questions.. Yes, plenty of usage from 2017 to current. But with now the third different phone, it is just these 2016 files are the only things I have been able to locate which I had backed up and saved, and probably formed the basis for usage beyond 2016.

There is a total of 3.01 GB. Of that there is 848 MB in zip files, remainder are the expected file types , e.g. XML, Cl, svg, map, gpx, sqlitedb etc.
The folder is on a removable HDD.

Hope this answer your inquiry.


Hello tjej01
I'll try to help here as well.
Because you made a manual backup, I may consider you are skilled enough. Otherwise, feel free to ask.

1. locate and access the current app directory
The best is to open the Locus Map app > About app screen and here should be the "Working directory" path. Even on new devices, for example, "Solid Explorer" should be able to open a private app directory (if app is placed in the /sdcard/Android/data/... directory). Or use PC. My best friend is Total Commander with ADB plugin, but it may be too much complicated to setup.

2. then what to copy into app directories.
- "maps", "mapsVector", "mapItems" directories are perfectly safe and you may in the worst case overwrite old data.
- "data/database" > "waypoints.db" and "tracks.db" files, suggest not to touch them on new device or you simply lost all new data. Old data (old backup) can't be simply restored in this case.
- other files, it depends. Ask if you will be un-sure.
- Official help (ideas, questions, problems): help.locusmap.eu
- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
- LM 4 Beta download, LM 4 Release download


PS: re. old track and point data from your PC backup:
- if you had automatic export enabled on your initial phone (the up to 2016 one), then you should have tons of gpx files that you can copy them as Menion described, and then you need to "import" them via Locus
- for point you'd have to flow below:
-- if you have a second phone at hand, then install Locus on it and copy the databases (tracks and points) from the PC to the right place (while Locus is NOT running)
-- start Locus and "export" all tracks and points of interest
-- copy those files to the new phone (via Cloud, PC, whatever you prefer)
-- "import" those files to the new Locus on your new device


Thank you very much for the guidance.

I'm traveling and without my 2016 files, but will get on it when I return.  Lots to learn.

Again thank you!!!!