A Question to correct Themes-Order in Locus Map 4

Started by tobser, April 19, 2023, 12:35:41

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 I just installed locus Map 4 and needed it to run and have a question right away: I dragged all my themes into the themes folder, where they were in the classic version, they are not displayed to me.  I got the Hilo theme for a test in the locus store to see where it is stored (in order to then copy the other themes in there exactly), but I can't find it with TotalCommander.  Where do the themes have to be stored so that they are displayed correctly?  I have version 4.15.2. I haven't changed any of the options in the file manager in Locus, everything is original as it was after installation.
 Do you have any tips?
 Greetings from Tobias


See my response in the German thread.
If you had an old LM3 Pro install, maybe with Locus root folder directly on top of the SD card, then a new install of LM4 will not find that, except you have an AFA side load.
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