Locus 4/ Geocaching: Different icon for solved mysteries

Started by Sibe, April 18, 2023, 16:08:23

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Locus 4.15.2 / Geocaching:

Depending on the display, mystery caches are difficult to distinguish from solved mystery caches at a glance, especially if you have several caches in the view: The red dot under the question mark is almost not noticeable.
Would it be possible to use a different icon for solved mysteries?
(Perhaps this would also be a point for a future update).
Thank you very much for any feedback at this point.
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you can define an icon for solved mysteries yourself
name your icon
and follow the manualYou cannot view this attachment.
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Thanks guys for the feedback. I'll just push my colleague Zdeněk to improve geocaching icons so I'll inform him also to improve the style of the "computed" red dot.
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