Can Locus Map for Garmin Work For Me?

Started by KuchKuch, April 02, 2023, 19:14:40

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I love using Locus Map on my smartphone, but was wondering if I could get Garmin watch for my requirements instead of carrying my smartphone everywhere. I just need somebody to confirm if it can do the following:
  • Record tracks in a GPX format using the GPS on the watch
  • Have these track files include compass direction like how it does on Android
  • Sync track files to the cloud so I can see them on my smartphone/web after I've done an activity

Considering that I'm planning to use this for cycling and running; anybody care to recommend a Garmin watch that will be best placed to do the above with Locus Map?

Jan Čapek


Garmin addon for Locus Map is meant to be used with connected phone with the app, so it can't help you with this scenario. If you want to be on your adventures only with your Garmin, you have to rely on its own capabilities, which of course include track recording.

However I doubt you can easily get compass data from it without some processing of directions from track data, but I might be wrong in this. You can export tracks in GPX from their Garmin Connect service once you synchronize your watch with it and import it to your Library in Locus Map.

As for the last question:  in some future we may implement sync of Locus Map Library with Garmin Connect to automatically retrieve tracks from it once they are recorded, but this is not yet confirmed yet, so any promises there.

Well, there are lots of Garmin watch models nowadays. It all depend on your need for advanced fitness metrics, type of the screen, ruggedness, and budget. Basically any will do the job in some form. :)