Bring Locus to front?

Started by BamaPhill, March 09, 2023, 22:28:12

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I searched without success, forgive me if this has been answered previously.  I would like to "hide" the Android notification bar at the top of the screen when Locus is open (or I'm fine with hiding it permanently).  Is there a way to load Locus "on top" or bring to front?  I'm using a Samsung Tab Active2 with Android 9.  I cannot find any settings to hide notification bar.  I've searched but haven't had any success.  Thanks...


Locus Notifications are managed pretty fine-grained just via Androids Notification management. I.e. visit Android settings...

Autom. bring it on top? Not natively.
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Hmm isn't this more about completely hiding the top system status bar? Just a terminology problem.

You may try Expert settings > Immersive mode. Anyway if you have a cutout in the display, this most probably won't work. 
And if you ask even something completely different, a screenshot may help.
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