Disable GPS between points while logging

Started by InfX, July 18, 2011, 23:34:38

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I know this may sound like a strange request, but this actually makes sense on some devices, such as HD2 running Android, or any others that draw a lot of current while the GPS is on, staying on a partial wake lock even with a time period between the fixes is set to a number of minutes.

IMHO, this should be fairly easy to implement and would give HD2 users (and maybe many other users, too) a pretty good option for long run low precision GPS logs, that should be still perfectly good for stuff like geotagging.


this functionality is already there. When you go to Settings -> GPS -> Time between GPS .. but count, that this settings is doing some troubles on some phones so you have to test it by yourself
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No, it doesn't seems the functionality is already there, it seems you pass this interval param into the location manager and trust the location manager to wake up, get a fix and give you that location once in a time interval. This is exactly what doesn't work properly, matching my description above. What i meant is to totally stop everything GPS related, waking up the device once in a time interval using alarm manager or something similar, and only reenable the GPS until you get a fix.

PS: Sorry if i wasn't clear and do correct me if i am wrong somewhere.