Essential Features ?

Started by florian, November 15, 2022, 18:46:40

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Hi, just switched to Locus Map 4.0 and experiment Web portal.

May I suggest some missing basic features ?
Points and tracks
- sorting (like app but i'll use : creation date)
- loading / search (The "load more" feature is boring)
- individual visibility switch

- Default view setup (ie : without track profile "Chart")

- i'm a french user and use "IGN Maps" for France with additionnal subscription
i would appreciate been able to use it on line to (LoMaps are missing so many tracks and too basic)
(IGN provide a "Free to professional use" Map - Contact me for links to official content)

- is there a track creation / modification planned ?
- (app/web) is there a point associatied to track planned ? (i'm using locus map for track creation 80% of the time)