possible memory leak?

Started by jordyke, October 24, 2022, 09:06:11

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 we are experiencing higher memory usage after version 3.54.3 . The memory usage is expanding over the time from 500Mb till all the free memory is used and the complete system crashes (after +-4 hrs off driving). We are experiencing this in the all latest versions; our system is android 11 and has 4GB off ram. the issue was also there with android 10.
As side info: we use Lomaps (offline maps) in combination with a lot off tracks


I have the same experience with LM4 while geocaching


where do you see the memory usage ?
Android settings/Apps/Locus memory?
Locus Map Classic 3.63.0 AFA
Locus Map 4.13.0 Gold AFA
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@balloni55 depending on device:
Developer settings, running services;
you can try to install an older version and see if you experience the same as us. I think vs 4.3 is somthing like our working version

We don't use geocaching

I am also not sure if the problem started with 3.43, i only know that the newer versions give problems to us (3.6X defenitly)
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Hi guys, this sounds like a serious problem. Balloni has this problem with geocaching and without the navigation & jordyke during navigation. So common here is the work with map > zooming & panning right?

I've noted a TODO task and will test it next weeks a little.
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- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
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is there more info about this?
We tested
-using on-and offline maps (no difference),
-no wps (no difference)
-no active kml (no difference)
-only points and tracks (no difference)
-all settings default (except screen allways on!)
rollback to 3.54.3 seems to solve the 'crash' problem (bus still a pretty high memory usage).
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