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Started by Menion, July 26, 2022, 15:31:26

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1) on maps screen you have visible track, nothing selected.
2) tap track
In earlier versions and betas the track info summary appeared split second, now nothing happens. Until I move the the underlying map a bit.


this is correct behavior. Both options you wrote are kind of "simulation" so = red icon.
Oh sorry, I have overlooked there's a difference between what you call indoor training and just GPS off. I see it now.
For more prominent placement, could you elevate the 2 simulation modes into the context menu of the GPS icon in button bar?

There is a problem with the active navigation track display. Starting navigation directly out of route planner, I sometimes get an invisible track which is being navigated.
Didn't find, when it exactly happens, but at least I found a bug in the basic navigation line style - this may be the cause. See video. Track style is set to 6px, but size and transparency fade, depending on zoom level.


@MichaelBechtold: not a problem here.
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Andrew Heard

satellite screen in why did the Altitude text label change to Depth??
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Quote from: Andrew Heard on September 27, 2022, 12:38:49satellite screen in why did the Altitude text label change to Depth??
Hello Andrew
this was also my question in #105
menions answer in #114
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@Michael Bechtold
I still see no problem. Hope it was just some temporary glitch. Inform me please after you update, if this issue still persists, thanks!

thanks, this does not look like a major issue, so I'll look at it in the next few days!


And the new version is out. You already know the news, so enjoy the new map and if someone contributes photos to LoPoints, also a gallery of images :).
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