Cannot import an offline map dowloaded by

Started by Eblunit, June 06, 2022, 10:52:25

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I've downloaded OSM Wanderreit map using Locus (and i paied this map).
Dowloading finished well.
When i want to display this map on Locus, i go in the menu "OFFLINE MAP" to import the map.
I see in the folder "maps" of the APP a .sqlitedb-journal file is created.
I thing it's good but my map does not appear in the list of the OFFLINE MAP available in LOCUS.
It seems something like if map were not activated.
When I shut off and reload the APP, i have message for this map : CANNOT OBTAIN ZOOM LEVEL.

What's wrong?
Is there a maximal size when importing a map?

Thank's for your help and your understanding.


Hello Eblunit,
really interesting problem. A downloaded map should be named mapX.sqlite. If you see only a *.sqlitedb-journal file, then something went wrong. If the file is completely missing, then the database system most probably considered a file as corrupted and deleted it. But this happens so rarely ...

Hmm, may you please try to download just a tiny map, max. few hundreds of tiles, just to test if it always fails? Because there should be no limits on the size or number of tiles. At least not easily reachable.
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