Second line from top while navigating. Icons on left?

Started by Rocks in my boots, May 13, 2022, 01:22:27

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Rocks in my boots

Locusmap 3
When navigating, the second from the top line on the left side shows either two houses, or a high rise building, you can tap them to switch to the other.  It may be two arrows and I can't make out the other icon, it looks like a building of some kind.  Further to the right on the same line at always says
"Unknown street".  I have never seen that change either.

Any idea what the icons mean?


see description/screenshots in german board

if you use "GraphHopper" as routing engine for navigation this is possible.
With a click on the area "2Houses/3Highrises" you can switch whether the current or the next street name is displayed

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Rocks in my boots

Thanks for your reply, I usually use Brouter because phone connectivity can be an issue for me sometimes.  I never would have figured it out if not for you!