Locus Map Pro/Classic loops on "save to Dropbox"

Started by, May 04, 2022, 01:23:20

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I've got a new Android (uleFone Armor 12) with Android 11.
Trying to move LM Classic to the new phone. Nearly all is working.
One small thing:
when I record a track, and save it, it seems to work fine.
But when I select "share to GPX" it shows a new "share" screen with "Dropbox, Add to Dropbox" as one of the choices along with Evernote, Drive and Gmail.

when I select Dropbox, it clears the screen and goes back to the track information page
with the "share" icon at the bottom. I can circle thru these few pages forever.

Is there some "Dropbox" setup that I am missing on my new phone?


I found it, it was operator error (i.e. me)
I had not installed Dropbox on the new phone.
Once I installed it and logged in with my email and password, it works perfectly


Hi, little surprising to be true.
Dropbox app should not be necessary when using "Dropbox" in the Locus Map, anyway glad it works now!
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